Nutrition for Teens


Maintaining a healthy diet

One of the most troublesome things that parents concern themselves with when it comes to their teenage children is ensuring they are maintaining a healthy diet. This is specifically true when it comes to the fact that most parents don’t have the option to be around their children every time they are consuming food or making food choices.
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Pregnancy: Healthy Snacking for Two

Healthy Snacking for Two

When women become pregnant, there are new concerns that they take on. Those concerns will be in regards to their health, as well as the health of the baby that they are carrying. It can often be hard to find healthy foods when they go to places like work, shopping, or other businesses. This is one reason why healthy vending machines are becoming so popular. Healthy vending machines are allowing individuals, including pregnant women, to have better options of food and drinks available.
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10 Ways to Beat Fatigue


Beat Fatigue with these 10 Tips

Do you feel tired all the time? Is fatigue stealing all the joy in your life? There are a number of things you can do. Some changes to your lifestyle and diet can increase your energy and leave you feeling good as new.

1. Have Healthy Snacks

Making healthier food choices will improve your energy level. If you get your food from vending machines take the time to find healthy vending machines. Healthy vending options could include fruits, nuts, fruit juices and wholesome sandwiches. These will provide your body with the nutrition it needs to increase your energy level.

2. Healthy Vending Choices

Most people purchase prepared food. But dining out is fine if you make healthy vending choices. Choose restaurants where fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats on the menu and order them. This improves energy level.

3. Use Healthy Vending Machines

There are a growing number of vending machines with healthy food. Seek them out. When you’re hungry or just need a snack get it from one of the healthy vending machines.

4. Think Positive

Negative thoughts can drain your energy and lead to stress. Keeping your thoughts light and positive can increase your energy level and reduce stress.

5. Make Time to Relax

If you’re always working, you’re constantly draining your energy. Take time each day to relax and enjoy yourself. Your energy will skyrocket and you’ll get more done.

6. Be Thankful for Your Blessings

People have more than they realize. But they focus on what they don’t have. This leads to fatigue, depression and anger. Counting your blessings can lighten your mood and make you feel more energetic.

7. Make Time to Exercise

Performing daily moderate exercise increases your energy flow and can banish fatigue within a short period of time. Just don’t overdo it.

8. Set Realistic, Attainable Goals

Chasing unattainable goals can drain both your joy and your energy. Setting and attaining even moderate goals can give you a major energy boost.

9. Avoid Processed Food

Although processed food may convenient, take the time to find healthy vending options. Choose the raisins instead of the chips in the vending machine. This will increase your energy level significantly.

10. Change How You Eat

Large meals can leave you sluggish. Try eating several small meals throughout the day. This will keep your body properly fueled and you will be rearing and ready to go.

Snacking without Suffering

Dietary Dilemma

3 o’clock. Three hours after lunch. Two hours until quitting time. Snack time! Now, the uber-prepared would have a snack ready. But who is that prepared? A trip to the “not-so” healthy vending machines quickly approaches. Looking in at cookies, snack cakes, chips and soda, what do they all have in common? Sugar, trans-fats, salt, MSG, and a perilous strain on anyone with diabetes, high cholesterol, and other diet related disabilities. The diabetic can’t process large quantities of sugar. The manager with high cholesterol processes fats into higher LDL. The celiac gets numbing pain eating gluten laden foods, and the lactose intolerant co-worker gets uncomfortable just looking at cheese puffs. This office needs healthy vending options!
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Are You Using Plan-o-grams?

Are you using a plan-o-gram for your candy/snack machines or bottle drop machines? Let’s hope so! Plan-o-grams are equally important for micro-markets. And OCS operators can use much more effective product merchandising strategies and tactics. Plan-o-grams are better than what a very smart operator once described as “hand-grenade” merchandising.
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Donating Healthy Vending Machine Business Proceeds

Did you know that you can donate a portion of the profits you make from your vending machine to charity. A lot of major charitable organizations make it easy for you as a vending route operator to give. They even provide fancy stickers you can place right on your machine, or you can ask AirVend for available charity slides. A lot of locations love the idea of a portion of proceeds going to charity. So go ahead give a little. You can feel good about yourself, oh and did I mention it’s a tax deduction.

Healthy Recipe Series: Packed Lunches

Are your lunches satisfying?
Lunches are difficult, whether you’re packing one for yourself, your spouse, or your children.
Naturals2Go knows what it’s like, so we’ve put together a list of five easy lunch ideas that are easy to have on the go, but also out-of-this-world nutritional rockstars.

Which Is Better: Ice Cream or Fro-Yo?

Frozen Soft-Serve Yogurt
When you are craving something for dessert after dinner time, what do you reach for? For many, it’s a cold frozen treat. In an attempt to cut calories, sugar, and fat,though many turn to frozen yogurt, or fro-yo, as a healthy dessert option. But have you ever looked into whether or not fro-yo is actually healthier than ice cream? You may be surprised!
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Helping Your Kids Fit Veggies Into Meals

Kids are known to be picky eaters. And unfortunately, their pickiness is usually exhibited as an aversion to all things healthy – especially vegetables. So, what can you do to get your kids to eat the healthy veggies that you know that they should be eating? Here are some tips for helping your kids fit veggies into their meals:
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