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The Media Focuses on Healthy Vending

Businesses search online for new ways to tap into healthy living trends every day. From diet-specific restaurants to services that help students “stay healthy on-the-go,” health conscious businesses want to know more about making healthy choices. At Naturals2Go, we look forward to seeing our operators succeed in their marketplaces. We search for and publish stories on healthy vending in the media and share them with you to keep the positive momentum going.

A Growing Industry Filled With Opportunity

Health consciousness isn’t just in the minds of consumers. Local governments around the country want to help people fuel their bodies with the healthiest choice. The city of Glendale, California, for example, plans to phase conventional vending machines out of public properties altogether. Instead, their vending machines will focus on fresh healthy vending options. This story is just one example of changes occurring in the vending machine industry. Our operators enter new marketplaces, including schools, retail centers, public properties, and offices, on a regular basis.

The industry for healthy, convenient foods offers prime business opportunities for those willing to take the initiative. At Naturals2Go, we’re committed to helping operators who purchase our state-of-the-art machines succeed in their local markets.

When you join the healthy vending machine movement, you may notice more stories about healthy vending in the media. Everyone purchases products from a vending machine on occasion. Give your customers something to come back and purchase repeatedly with your healthy vending machine business.

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Discover updated information about operator success stories, community involvement, and more on this page. We’re keeping the healthy vending community excited and engaged in healthy living. Learn tips and tricks from other operators who succeeded in markets like yours, explore best practices, and read about the difference a healthy vending machine can make in certain environments. Consider this page your go-to resource for the latest, true stories about healthy vending installations.

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