The Ultimate “Done For You” Business Model

Naturals2Go gives you all the training, support, and tools you need to succeed, without ongoing royalties or fees.

One common theme that is constantly repeated by our new operators is the surprise that we don’t charge any franchise fees. This is one of the deciding factors for many people to choose Naturals2Go over our competitors.

The Best Locations

Finding the best locations for your healthy vending machines can seem like a daunting task. However, with several options of locating programs to choose from, it is not a task you will have to be concerned with. Our professional on-site locators that work exclusively with Naturals2Go will even come to work with you in your city, to insure your machines are placed quickly.

Hands On
Personal Training

During our comprehensive training program, you will learn all the aspects of your machines, including loading, servicing, repairing, and optimizing. You will also be taught about all aspects of staffing and running the business.

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Success Driven Coaching

We never want you to have to “figure things out,” so we provide a personal business coach for you – someone that is an Operator themselves. Whether it’s 6 months or 16 years from now, if you have a question, your personal coach is only a phone call or text message away. Your coach is available for questions related to locating, servicing, products, planograms, expanding, and any other topic you may need answers to.

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