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History of Success.

The longest-running, most-awarded, most-recognized vending business opportunity.

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Are You a Business That Would Like to Have a Machine On-Site?

Providing your customers and staff with access to healthy vending options can increase time-on-site, customer satisfaction and employee productivity. The best part, there is no cost for you!

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See Why Naturals2Go is Leading the Healthy Vending Revolution

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THE Leaders In

Un-Attended Retail

Naturals2Go is the healthy snack and beverage division of VendTech International:

  • The fastest growing
  • Longest running
  • Highest rated Vending Business Opportunity Company in the US.

Our focus has always been on helping people start a vending business that fits their lifestyle.

TheNaturals2Go brand launched in early 2009 and has grown rapidly since. As an innovator in healthy vending, Naturals2Go created a whole new industry that continues to grow.

We are proud of taking home the “Business Opportunity of the Year” award from the prestigious Franchise Brokers Association for the 12th year in a row!

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Naturals2Go a division of Vend Tech International, Inc. A trusted partner for over 35 years helping the entrepreneurial minded startup businesses across the world.

Our team of On-Site Locators secure every location for you!

Every Naturals2Go business package includes On Site Locating by one of our professional staff locators. This means, we send someone from our large (18+) team of professional vending machine locators to your city. You'll work side by side with them, and watch how they secure the best locations for all your new Naturals2Go machines.

Our Lifetime Location Guarantee ensures you will always have your machines in the best performing locations possible!

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The Timing IS RIGHT!

Healthy vending is a booming business that continues to grow. Several factors occurring at the same time make this the ideal moment to start your own healthy vending business NOW!

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No Fee Support

The idea of a franchise, with all but guaranteed success is appealing. We give you that level of comfort and support, with no fees!

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How We Stack Up

We may not be alone in the Healthy Vending world, but we are certainly on the top. Our BBB ratings, and long history of industry awards ensure our success depends on your success.

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Experience Matters

We Own Routes Too

The fact that our ownership and coaching staff own vending routes means they know what you are going through. They know how to help you avoid the pitfalls, and grow your business smoothly.

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Learn why people choose Naturals2Go

Real customers speak up about their experiences with Naturals2Go

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Naturals2Go is THE LARGEST Healthy Vending company in the United States. With nearly 10,000 machines onsite, and growing everyday. Find out how our industry leading machines, program and technology can help you reach your goals.
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Industry-Leading Training

Training classes are led by a veteran in the vending industry and backed by our online portal. Everything you need to be successful in the healthy vending field is right here.

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