World’s Most Advanced Vending Systems

Naturals2Go's machines encompass the most advanced technology available today. They are
designed with one function in mind…serve you and your customers flawlessly. Their distinct look
and user friendly payment system will keep people coming back again and again.

Built in the USA by a trusted manufacturer, and
inspected by our staff prior to shipping to you.

Made in USA


  • Total Variety

    With freely configurable coil system, and included conveyer shelf, you can vend any product your
    location may want. Cans, bottles, chips, bars, sandwiches, yogurt, fruit cups, salads…. There is
    no limit to the types of products you can offer your locations.

  • Total Flexibility

    With shelving that can be moved up, down, or even swapped out, you can convert your combo
    machine to all drink, all snack, or any mix of the two. With the ability to replace coil shelves
    with conveyer belt shelves, you can even turn your machine into an all food vending center.

  • Total Expandability

    With our Modular Vending Platform, if you need additional capacity, you can simply add a
    satellite unit and expand your capacity of drinks and snacks. You can even set your vending
    center to be all snacks on one side, with all drinks on the other.

  •  Absolute Product Delivery

    All Naturals2Go MVP line machines come standard with our high speed, quiet elevator delivery
    system. This means you can put any product on any shelf, and not worry about the drop to the
    bottom. The super efficient elevator system has 10 product detection lasers to insure a proper
    delivery every time. No worries about customers not getting their products.

  • Most Advanced Ever

    Equipped with an interactive touch screen that can play images and video for advertising
    purposes as well as be an alternative purchase center to the keypad. Users can select products,
    view details, and even make a purchase right from the touch screen. Most screen equipped
    machines are only capable of displaying video, with no interactivity.

Technical Features

  •  Nayax Unattended Payment System

    Nayax is the leading provider of cashless payment devices, with branches in 9 countries, and
    40 distributing partners. Their devices serve consumers in 55 countries and accept 26

  • VPOS Touch


    all-in-one solution for cashless payments and integrated telemetry. Now create marketing and
    sales opportunities that can bring great consumer engagement for improved upsale and
    increased revenue.

  • Real Time Online Data

    Utilizing the advanced capabilities of the VPOS touch, combined with the technologically
    superior components within the Naturals2Go vending center, you will have all the real time
    data you need to make servicing your business and growing your company easy and worry free.

  • Mobile Data Standard

    Moma is the Mobile Management system that allows you to easily access your company’s data
    from any mobile connected device. Now you can get reports, make changes, and increase the
    efficiency of your business, while on the go.

  • Mobile Payment App

    As a Naturals2Go operator, with Nayax equipment on your machine, your customers can easily
    download the Monyx app, and make purchases from any Naturals2Go machine. Loyalty programs,
    and more can be programmed into the Monyx app for growing your customer base and sales.

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Made in the USA?

Made For Today’s World

Many of our competitors will lay claim to the “Made in America” phrase. In many cases, this is a
misnomer. Steel is steel, regardless of where it comes from. By partnering with a private factory, not
simply buying an “off the shelf” machine, Naturals2Go can insure you are getting the best quality
available. We have control over the design, the components, the assembly process, and the quality
control and testing processes.

Quality, reliability, and technology…These are the best three words to describe the Naturals2Go vending
centers. We have incorporated the best technology, features, and components for reliability into every
machine. While our machines are manufactured off shore, like your iPhone, final assembly, testing, and
quality control are performed in our warehouse by our staff before any machine ever begins it’s journey
to our operators.

NAMA Certification

Along with the ISO9001 certification
(the most strict in the world), we also chose to have our machines tested and certified by the National
Automated Merchandising Association. They are the premier vending machine certification and management
company in the USA.

NAMA certification simply means the machine itself has been tested to standards set in place by all 50
states, and by the FDA for food safety. This is just an extra layer of comfort and security for you and your

ADA Compliant

Being able to legally place your
machine in any facility is a must! Only ADA compliant machines can legally be placed in locations such
as schools, city/county/state buildings, and hospitals. Our machines have been ADA compliant since the
first one came off the assembly line. We want nothing standing in the way of your success.

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