Exclusive Vending Technologies

Technology made for the vending world. Exclusive to Naturals2Go Operators

The ability to monitor your vending business online has modernized the vending industry saving you time and money. Naturals2Go is leading the way. Some systems require you to make changes to your machines’ configurations at home, and then go to your machines to “plug in” a special card to implement those changes. With Naturals2Go Healthy Vending Machines, this is not necessary. You simply log into your system to set up your PlanOgrams, products, inventory level alerts etc, and the software knows what to do next.

All Payment Methods

Vending and cash have gone together since vending machines were first introduced. Many transactions today are still done in cash. But, don’t you want to be sure you don’t lose any sales? Naturals2Go Vending Machines accept smartphone payments like Apple Pay & Google Wallet, as well as debit, and credit cards. Customers can even use their Smart Watches to make payments in your machines!

Nayax VPOS Touch System

Every Naturals2Go Healthy Vending Machine comes equipped with the most advanced payment system available. The Nayax VPOS Touch unit is an all inclusive payment processing center. With EMV Certification, your vending machine will accept all forms of payment, including chip, card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and even app payment options.


Total Remote Information Access

Gone are the days of vending machine route owners having to load up their truck with all of their inventory, travel to a location, go inside to see what’s needed, then back out to their truck to pack it in and fill machines. Total Remote Information Access lets you see real time reports that show what’s been sold and what’s needed. You can then, Pre-Kit your inventory tubs for each location. Show up, walk in and fill machines, take your money, and leave in 10-15 minutes*.

NAYAX Vending Management Suite

Unlike our competitors’ so called “online machine management”, the DCS system from Nayax is extremely capable and robust, and does not require any type of software download, or dedicated computer. You can even access all your information and tools with the MOMA (Mobile Management) app, right from your smartphone or tablet!


UVend Technology

UV light kills or inactivates up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. UVend includes a motion sensor that detects no one is in front of the machine before activating UV sanitization lighting.

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