Privacy Policy

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We Respect Visitors’ Privacy

At Naturals2Go, we respect the privacy of our website visitors. Our privacy policy is designed to help you better understand the information our company collects and how we use it. Please read through our privacy policy before you disclose any personal information.

The Information Naturals2Go Collects

Our company will not collect private information from you unless you provide it. Certain forms on our website may ask for:

  • Personal identification information, including your name, email address, and cellphone number
  • Demographic information, including your zip code

We will collect this information via forms on various pages within the Naturals2Go website when you click “submit.” We may also collect information if you choose to email, write, call, or otherwise interact with our company. If we combine the information we collect, including demographic and personal identification information, we will treat it all as personal information per this privacy policy.

How Naturals2Go Uses Information Collected

We may use personal information, demographic information, or usage information to:

  • Give you information, services, and products or process transactions based on your request or your agreement to receive. When applicable, we may send newsletters and provide you with promotions and special offers. You will not receive information from third parties from Naturals2Go.
  • Improve our website or the services we provide.
  • Contact you in regard to the way you use our site, and (at our discretion) to inform you of changes to the site or site policies.
  • For internal business purposes
  • For additional purposes disclosed to you when you provide your information or as otherwise listed in this privacy policy.

Note: Information you submit to the website via a “contact us” form or feature may not always receive a response. If you submit information within this form, we won’t use it to contact you for unrelated purposes unless you agree beforehand.

To ensure your privacy further, we will:

  • Identify how we plan to use information if we collect it.
  • Only collect and use personal information for the purpose of fulfilling previously outlined purposes or for compatible purposes, unless we obtain the consent of the person concerned or as required by law.
  • Only keep personal information for as long as needed to fulfill the purposes listed above.
  • Only collect personal information using lawful and fair means, with the knowledge and/or consent of the individual concerned.
  • Only use personal data for the relevant and fair purposes described above. All data should be accurate, up-to-date, and complete.
  • Protect personal information using reasonable security safeguards against loss, theft, unauthorized access, copying, modification, or disclosure.
  • Publicly post information about our policies and practices regarding personal information management so that our customers have easy and readily available access.

Naturals2Go is committed to doing business in accordance with these principles to protect and maintain the confidentiality of your personal information.