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For healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, reading about healthy lifestyle trends is almost addictive. The field of healthy living is in flux. The same diet, practices, and fads may work for some people but not others. As a healthy vending machine operator, you need to know the newest health trends to keep your inventory fresh and relevant for your marketplace.

Our healthy lifestyle section focuses on the industry news that matters. For weight loss seekers, unique lifestyle followers, and general health enthusiasts, finding the right products in a convenient location can make or break a purchasing experience. Use this section to discover actionable information you can use to select a line of products that your consumers will purchase.

Cater to Healthy Lifestyle Trends

All Naturals2Go vending machine operators are independent business owners. Our company isn’t a franchisor, but a platform for launching healthy vending startups. This unique approach allows our operators to choose their own product lines and manage their businesses as they see fit. The healthy lifestyle information here directly supports your ability to create a brand that you can stand behind 100%.

While some of our operators offer a selection of general health fare, some focus their product offerings on specific lifestyle trends. They may tailor their offerings toward specific lifestyles, such as:

Low calorie, low fat

Low carb

Gluten free

Vegan or vegetarian

Diabetic friendly (low glycemic index)


Naturals2Go’s healthy vending machine technology puts healthy decision-making in the hands of consumers. Instead of choosing a product based on the package, your customers can view nutrition information before making a purchase. For those who strictly follow specialty lifestyles, this feature adds value to the vending machine purchasing process.

Get to Know the Newest Health Trends Today!

In the world of healthy living, even leaders and scientists learn something new every day. This evolving field requires a sense of curiosity and the willingness to change. To succeed, vending machine operators must change their product lines to match the needs of locals and industry trends. Do you know what local college students prefer or what hospital visitors want during a long night of waiting?

Bookmark this page to learn the truth about healthy living trends, insights into consumer behaviors, and buzzworthy products. The first time you stock your vending machine with a high demand product, you’ll recognize the importance of keeping up with the latest healthy food trends. Something as simple as the bottled water that you stock could affect profitability and brand presence in the local market.

Healthy living is never far from peoples’ minds. Give them the products they want with insights from Naturals2Go.  Contact us for an invitation to our private online webinar presentation for a full overview of the Naturals2Go Business Program.

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