VIBEcast EP16: How Giving Back to Charitable Causes Can Help Your Business Grow – A Conversation with Dan Willis

In this inspiring episode of the VIBEcast, we dive deep into the powerful connection between giving back to charitable causes and business growth. Join your host, Linda Ballesteros, as she sits down with Dan Willis, a successful Naturals2Go Owner-Operator from a small town, who shares his heartfelt journey of incorporating a give-back component into his business.


Embracing the Power of Giving Back

Host Linda Ballesteros kicks off the episode with an intriguing topic: the benefits of building a give-back component into your business. She references an article from SCORE titled “Doing Good is Good for Business,” which highlights that 85% of consumers have a more positive image of companies that give back.


Linda emphasizes that businesses with a charitable component have a unique selling point. Consumers today are more inclined to support local small businesses that contribute to their communities. This aligns perfectly with Dan Willis’s approach to his vending business.

Dan Willis’s Journey to Philanthropy

Dan Willis shares his inspiring journey, starting with his diverse career background. After serving in the Navy and working as a financial advisor at Edward Jones, Dan realized that his corporate job, though successful, was not fulfilling his desire for control and purpose. This realization led him back to Idaho, where he explored various franchise opportunities.


Dan’s connection with a franchise consultant led him to the vending business opportunity with Naturals2Go, a field he initially hadn’t considered. However, he soon recognized the community’s need for vending services and decided to dive in. Over three years, Dan’s business grew significantly, now boasting over 25 vending machines, five cappuccino-on-demand machines, and a break room market.

The Heart of Giving Back

For Dan and his wife Teresa, giving back was a core value from the beginning. Growing up poor, Dan experienced firsthand the kindness and blessings of others. This inspired him to incorporate a charitable component into his business, allowing him to be a blessing to others in return.


Initially, Dan’s business allowed clients to choose the charities they wanted their portion of the profits to go to. This approach led to donations to various organizations, from Promise Ridge, which supports domestic abuse victims, to Shriners Hospitals for Children, and local soup kitchens. One heartwarming story involved a donation that kept a soup kitchen running during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Evolving the Give-Back Program

Over time, managing donations to multiple charities became logistically challenging. Dan’s accountant suggested streamlining the process, leading to the creation of “All Hands Helping Santa,” a program in partnership with Clandestine Kringle. This initiative delivers Christmas presents to families and children in need, ensuring they have a memorable holiday despite difficult circumstances.


Dan’s business donates 10% of its profits to this program, and other companies often match these donations. This collaborative effort has resulted in significant contributions, making a tangible impact on the community. Dan’s future plans include expanding this program and introducing new initiatives like “All Hands Supporting the Earth,” a tree-planting project.

The Impact on Business and Community

Linda highlights how businesses that give back tend to have a more positive image in the community. Dan confirms this, sharing how his charitable efforts have attracted clients who value his commitment to local causes. This positive perception extends from high-level decision-makers to individual customers, fostering stronger relationships and loyalty.


Dan’s experience demonstrates that even in small towns, businesses can thrive by addressing community needs. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to research their market, find a niche, and serve their community well. He emphasizes the importance of starting with a plan and understanding the complexities of the business, even in seemingly simple fields like vending.

Looking to the Future

Dan’s business is continuously evolving. He aims to create a franchise model, offering professional solutions for other aspiring business owners. By providing a blueprint for success, Dan hopes to help others incorporate a give-back component into their businesses, extending the positive impact to new communities.


In closing, Linda underscores the importance of giving back, sharing a quote from Winston Churchill: “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” She encourages all business owners to consider incorporating philanthropy into their operations, as it not only benefits the community but also enriches their own lives and businesses.

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Franchise Dictionary Magazine – On Your Mark, Get Set & Grow With a Winning Brand

Naturals2Go was once again featured in Franchise Dictionary Magazine. In the July, 2024 article, several Naturals2Go Owner-Operators share their direct experiences in starting, running and scaling their own vending machine businesses.


The article shares several great stories of motivated entrepreneurs that found the support they needed to grow successful businesses:


“The entire Naturals2Go team is amazing and easy to work with. They provide full support, from ordering machines, machine training, finding locations and ongoing help during operations.”

-Joshua Greene

“Being retired from my full-time job, I wanted something to do that would not interfere with my retired lifestyle.”

-Stan Johnson

“They are awesome and a highly ethical company. They provide great training, help set up your online accounts, web presence and social media, and they helped me locate my vending units.”

-Pam Chaudhury


Start Your Own Business Today

If you’re ready to start writing your own entrepreneurial story, we’re here to help. Learn more about starting your own vending business with Naturals2Go.


Here is the full article:



How IoT is Revolutionizing Vending Machine Operations

The future of vending machines is here – and it’s being shaped by the Internet of Things (IoT). This technological advancement is transforming traditional vending machines into smart, efficient, and customer-centric devices. Let’s dive into how IoT is revolutionizing vending machine operations. 

Real-Time Inventory Management 

One of the most significant benefits of IoT in vending machines is real-time inventory management. Sensors embedded within the machines can monitor stock levels continuously. This data is transmitted to a central system, allowing operators to track inventory remotely. When stock runs low, the system can automatically generate restocking alerts, ensuring that popular items are always available. This minimizes the risk of out-of-stock situations and maximizes sales opportunities. For vending operators, this means fewer trips for restocking and more efficient route planning. 

Remote Diagnostics 

IoT-enabled vending machines offer the advantage of remote diagnostics. Sensors can detect and report temperature fluctuations, coin jams, or electrical failures. This real-time monitoring allows operators to address problems before they lead to significant downtime. Technicians can be dispatched with the right tools and parts, reducing repair times and ensuring the machine is back in service quickly. Operators can enhance customer satisfaction and protect their revenue streams by minimizing downtime. 

Personalized User Experiences 

The future of vending machines lies in creating personalized user experiences. IoT technology can collect and analyze data on customer preferences and purchasing patterns. This information can be used to tailor the product offerings and promotions displayed on the vending machine. For example, a machine in a gym might highlight protein bars and sports drinks, while one in an office building might promote snacks and beverages suited to a working environment. Personalized experiences not only boost sales but also enhance customer engagement and loyalty. 

Increased Efficiency 

IoT is driving increased efficiency in vending machine operations. By automating routine tasks such as inventory checks and maintenance alerts, operators can focus on strategic activities that grow their business. IoT systems can also optimize energy consumption, adjusting the machine’s cooling and lighting based on usage patterns. This not only reduces operational costs but also contributes to sustainability efforts. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Ultimately, the future of vending machines is centered around customer satisfaction. IoT-enabled machines offer a seamless and convenient experience. With real-time inventory management, customers are less likely to encounter empty slots. Remote diagnostics ensure that machines are functioning correctly, reducing the frustration of malfunctions. Personalized product offerings make the vending experience more relevant and enjoyable for each user. 

The Future of Vending Machines is Here with Naturals2Go! 

IoT is revolutionizing vending machine operations, heralding a new era in the future of vending machines. And Naturals2Go remains on the cutting edge. If you’re ready to start your journey in the healthy vending sector, contact us to speak with a member of our team. 


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Customer Engagement Strategies for Promoting Healthy Vending Machine Snacks

Encouraging customers to choose healthy vending machine snacks over traditional options can be challenging. However, innovative strategies can effectively drive engagement and foster healthier choices, helping vending operators to promote healthier eating habits.  


Here are some effective strategies to engage customers and promote healthy vending machine snacks. 


Educational Marketing Campaigns 

Educating customers about the benefits of healthy snacks is crucial. Informational posters, digital displays, and QR codes linked to nutritional information can raise awareness. For instance, a campaign highlighting the benefits of nuts, fruits, and whole grains compared to sugary snacks can shift consumer preferences. Engaging content, such as quick facts or short videos, can make the information more accessible and memorable. 

Loyalty Programs 

Loyalty programs that reward customers for choosing healthy options can incentivize better choices. Implementing a points-based system where customers earn rewards for purchasing healthy snacks can be highly effective. For example, after buying five healthy snacks, customers could receive a discount or a free healthy item. This not only promotes healthier choices but also encourages repeat purchases. 

Interactive Vending Machines 

Interactive vending machines equipped with touchscreens displaying nutritional information can engage customers at the point of purchase. These machines can provide detailed information about each snack, helping customers make informed decisions. Additionally, incorporating gamification elements, such as quizzes or challenges related to nutrition, can make the experience enjoyable and educational. 

Collaboration with Health and Wellness Programs 

Partnering with local health and wellness programs can enhance the credibility and reach of your healthy vending initiative. Collaborations with gyms, schools, and corporate wellness programs can create a supportive network that encourages healthier eating. Offering special promotions or discounts to members of these programs can drive traffic to your vending machines and foster a community focused on well-being. 


Case Study: Wicked Healthy Vending 

Tina Paine, owner of Wicked Healthy Vending, exemplifies the success of these strategies. Launching her certified Woman-Owned business in September 2013 with just five machines, Tina has scaled her business to nearly 50 machines over ten years. Her commitment to promoting healthy snacks and engaging customers through educational campaigns and loyalty programs has been instrumental in her growth. Tina’s approach demonstrates that with the right strategies, promoting healthy snacks can be both impactful and profitable. 

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How to Avoid Common Pitfalls When Stocking Healthy Vending Machine Snacks

Stocking healthy snacks in vending machines can be a rewarding venture, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some common pitfalls vending machine operators face and actionable solutions to ensure your machines are stocked with the best, healthiest options. 


1. Hidden Sugars in “Healthy” Snacks

One of the most common mistakes is stocking items that appear healthy but contain hidden sugars. Many snacks marketed as “healthy” or “natural” can be laden with added sugars that negate their nutritional benefits. 


Solution: Perform detailed nutritional comparisons before stocking your machine. Look beyond the marketing labels and read the ingredient lists. Compare sugar content and opt for snacks with natural sweeteners or no added sugars. Items like unsweetened dried fruits, nuts, and whole-grain snacks are excellent choices. 


2. Neglecting Diverse Dietary Needs

Another pitfall is failing to cater to diverse dietary needs. Today’s consumers follow a variety of diets—gluten-free, vegan, keto, and more. If your vending machine lacks options for these diets, you might be missing out on a significant customer base. 


Solution: Include a variety of snacks that cater to different dietary restrictions. Stock a mix of gluten-free bars, vegan protein snacks, low-carb options, and allergen-free items. Clearly label these products to help customers easily identify snacks that suit their dietary needs. 


3. Not Rotating Stock Regularly

Stale or expired products can tarnish your vending machine’s reputation and lead to lost sales. Failing to rotate stock regularly results in wastage and dissatisfied customers. 


Solution: Implement a stock rotation strategy. Place newer items behind older ones, ensuring that older stock is sold first. Regularly check expiration dates and remove any products that are close to or past their sell-by date. Keeping a detailed inventory log can help track which items need replenishing and which ones need rotating. 


4. Overlooking Local Preferences

Each location has unique customer preferences, and a one-size-fits-all approach may not work everywhere. Stocking the same items in all machines without considering local tastes can lead to unsold inventory. 


Solution: Tailor your stock to the preferences of each location. Conduct surveys or simply observe purchasing patterns to understand what sells best in each area. For example, a vending machine in a gym may need more protein-packed snacks, while one in an office might benefit from a variety of energy-boosting options. 

5. Failing to Promote Healthy Choices

Sometimes, even when healthy options are available, customers may not choose them simply because they aren’t aware of their benefits or don’t find them appealing. 


Solution: Use clear and attractive labeling to highlight the benefits of healthy snacks. Use posters or digital displays to promote the health benefits of the items you stock. Providing nutritional information prominently can also encourage healthier choices. 


Naturals2Go is Here to Support Your Business! 

By avoiding these common pitfalls and implementing these actionable solutions, you can ensure your vending machines are stocked with healthy, appealing snacks that meet your customers’ needs. And Naturals2Go is here to help with lifetime coaching to ensure your success. Contact us today to learn more!  


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Partner with Naturals2Go: A Healthy Vending Machine Company

In an increasingly fast-paced world, the demand for convenient and healthy snacking options is always rising. Naturals2Go, a leader in the healthy vending machine industry, offers an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and locations looking to provide nutritious choices to their patrons.  


Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking to launch a successful business or a location aiming to enhance your offerings, partnering with Naturals2Go presents numerous benefits. 

For Entrepreneurs: A Path to Business Ownership 

Starting a business can be a daunting task, but Naturals2Go makes the journey accessible and rewarding. As a Naturals2Go vending machine owner, you gain access to a proven business model with comprehensive support. From initial training to ongoing assistance, Naturals2Go equips you with the tools needed to succeed. 


One of the key advantages of this partnership is the flexibility it offers. Vending is a scalable business that allows you to start small and grow at your own pace. You can maintain your current job while gradually building your vending route or dive in full-time to maximize your potential earnings. The low overhead costs and 24/7 nature of vending ensure that your machines work tirelessly, generating income even when you’re not physically present. 


Naturals2Go also provides cutting-edge technology, including contactless payment systems catering to modern consumer preferences. This not only enhances the customer experience but also increases your sales opportunities. With the increasing awareness of health and wellness, offering snacks and beverages that meet these demands positions your business at the forefront of a lucrative market. 

For Locations: Enhancing Customer Experience 

For locations such as offices, gyms, schools, and public spaces, partnering with Naturals2Go brings added value to your environment. By offering a selection of healthy snacks and beverages, you cater to the growing demand for nutritious options, fostering a positive experience for employees, clients, and visitors. 


Installing Naturals2Go vending machines is a hassle-free way to provide convenient, healthy choices without significant costs or logistical challenges. Naturals2Go handles the machine setup, maintenance, and restocking, ensuring your location benefits from a consistently well-managed vending solution. This partnership enhances your community’s overall well-being and satisfaction, reflecting positively on your establishment. 


Interested in having a machine placed in your facility or location? Click here! 

Join the Naturals2Go Family! 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur ready to embark on a new venture or a location looking to enhance your offerings, partnering with Naturals2Go is a strategic choice. Benefit from a proven business model, comprehensive support, and the opportunity to contribute to a healthier community. Contact Naturals2Go today to learn more about how you can join the growing network of successful vending machine operators and provide healthy choices to those you serve. 


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Franchise Dictionary Magazine – Escaping the Corporate Grind

Naturals2Go Owner Operators Megan and Chris Camp were recently featured in the June 2024 issue of Franchise Dictionary Magazine. The article highlights how the Camps began their vending business as a part-time “side hustle” and are steadily expanding it, aiming to leave the corporate world and run their vending operation full-time.


The piece emphasizes the benefits of running your own business, working alongside your life partner, and the importance of partnering with a business opportunity that supports you every step of the way.


You can read the full article below or visit Franchise Dictionary Magazine.


If you’re ready to escape the corporate world or just want to learn more about starting your own business, you can get started here!


Where Can I Put a Vending Machine?

Are you considering venturing into the world of vending machines? One of the first questions that may come to mind is, “Where do I put it?” The good news is that the possibilities are vast, and with the right strategy, you can find lucrative locations to maximize your vending business’s success. 


1. High-Traffic Areas

One key to a successful vending machine location is high foot traffic. Look for bustling areas such as shopping malls, office buildings, airports, hospitals, schools, and recreational facilities. These locations attract a steady stream of potential customers throughout the day, increasing the likelihood of sales. 



When selecting vending machine locations, consider the demographics and preferences of your target market. For example, if you’re offering healthy snacks and beverages, look for fitness centers, yoga studios, or corporate wellness centers that health-conscious individuals are likely to frequent. 



Forge partnerships with local businesses to host your vending machines on their premises. Offer incentives such as revenue sharing or complimentary products to entice businesses to accommodate your machines. Look for businesses with high employee or customer traffic, such as office complexes, manufacturing facilities, or retail stores. 


4. Community Centers

Community centers, including libraries, recreation centers, and civic buildings, are often overlooked but can be excellent locations for vending machines. These facilities serve diverse populations and offer opportunities to reach both residents and visitors alike. 



Capitalizing on temporary events and venues can also be lucrative. Consider placing vending machines at fairs, festivals, concerts, and sporting events where large crowds gather. These temporary placements can provide a significant boost in sales during peak attendance periods. 



Don’t overlook transportation hubs such as train stations, bus terminals, and airports. Travelers passing through these locations often seek convenient snack and beverage options while waiting for their transportation, making them prime spots for vending machines. 


Want even more location ideas? Check out our blog post on the 10 best locations for vending machines. 

We Are Here to Help

With the right approach, the possibilities for vending machine placement are endless. And Naturals2Go makes it easy with our location procurement services – we are your vending locator partner! Reach out to our team to learn more and become a healthy vending owner-operator with Naturals2Go. 

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The Psychology of Convenience: Understanding Consumer Behavior in Vending

One of the greatest things about vending machines is that they’re convenient. That’s why they exist! With quick and hassle-free product access, vending machines have long been a favorite among on-the-go consumers. But what drives individuals to choose vending machines over other retail options?  


Let’s dive into the psychology of convenience and unravel four underlying factors influencing consumer behavior in vending. 


1. Decision Fatigue

The modern consumer is bombarded with choices at every turn, leading to decision fatigue – the mental exhaustion that comes from making numerous daily decisions. Vending machines offer a respite from this “decision overwhelm” by presenting a curated selection of products. With limited options and streamlined decision-making, consumers find relief in the simplicity of vending. 


2. Impulse Buying

Vending machines thrive on impulse buying – the tendency to make unplanned purchases driven by sudden desires or emotions. The immediate gratification of selecting and obtaining a product from a vending machine taps into the impulsive nature of human behavior. With products prominently displayed and easily accessible, vending machines capitalize on the impulse to indulge in a treat or satisfy a craving (and those indulgences do not have to be junk food!). 

3. Perception of Convenience

Perception plays a crucial role in consumer behavior, and vending machines are perceived as epitomes of convenience. Positioned strategically in high-traffic areas such as office buildings, schools, and transportation hubs, vending machines offer a convenient solution for individuals seeking quick access to snacks, beverages, and everyday essentials. The perception of convenience further reinforces the appeal of vending machines as a go-to option for time-pressed consumers. 


4. Digital Disconnect

Despite the rise of e-commerce and digital retail experiences, vending machines maintain their relevance by offering a tangible and tactile shopping experience. In an increasingly digitized world, the physicality of interacting with a vending machine – viewing the options, pressing buttons, and retrieving products – provides a sense of engagement and satisfaction that digital transactions may lack. 

Use Psychology to Grow Your Vending Empire!

Understanding the psychology behind consumer behavior in vending sheds light on why vending machines continue to thrive in today’s marketplace. By catering to the innate need for simplicity, instant gratification, and convenience, vending operators can further solidify their role as purveyors of accessible and satisfying retail experiences.  


Naturals2Go is here to help facilitate your entrepreneurial journey – contact our team to learn more about what it’s like being an owner-operator and get started. 

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