Starting a Business From Scratch vs. A Business Opportunity With Naturals2Go

Starting a business completely on your own is one of the hardest endeavors you can undertake. Entrepreneurs face many risks: faulty business plans; inaccurate profit margins; competitors with more experience and deeper pockets … the list goes on and on. When you partner with Naturals2Go, you’ll be able to avoid those pitfalls. Here are just three of the amazing ways we can help you become the business owner you’re meant to be.


Finding Your Market

When you’re striking out on your own in the business world, it’s usually up to you to find and target your market. When thinking about the pros and cons of starting your own business, this is definitely on the negative side — it’s one of the hardest things to get right.

Partnering with Naturals2Go means the work is done for you. Our Onsite Locating Process makes things easy — we secure the appointments; we come to your town and attend those appointments; we place your machines in qualified locations; and we stand behind it all with lifetime relocating. Our healthy vending machines work in everything from office buildings and malls to schools and healthcare facilities, so your target market is just waiting to be tapped!

Critical Support

Entrepreneurs going at it alone don’t have the support behind them that makes success easier. That’s not a problem with Naturals2Go. We provide ongoing support that allows you to do what you do best: run a successful business venture on the front lines. We partner with Nayax Payment Solutions and are proud to use their reporting platform as well as their mobile payment app, Monyx — just two examples of the way we’re behind you, every step of the way.

Making a Profit

There are several points to consider when starting a business vs. franchising, and Naturals2Go makes it that much easier. Since we aren’t a franchise, you won’t pay franchise fees — you earn it, you keep it. We can’t think of a better way to start and run a business.


A Unique Way of Life Awaits You!

The healthy vending machine movement represents a market that gives you every opportunity to succeed. With the support of the Naturals2Go team behind you, you’re ready to capitalize on that opportunity — contact us today to find out how to get started.

Snacking Trends to Watch

It’s safe to say that consumers don’t snack in the same ways they used to. As 2019 rolls on, various trends in the snack-food industry will continue to shape consumer buying behaviors. Let’s take a closer look at a few 2019 snack trends to keep an eye out for this year.



Now more than ever, consumers are short on time. With the hectic day-to-day routine of work schedules, client meetings, shuttling children around and getting in a few minutes at the gym, consumers are looking for “grab-and-go” style products that offer plenty of convenience in a small package — without sacrificing flavor.

Nutritious and Sustainable

Fewer and fewer consumers accept high-sodium, high-cholesterol or high-fat snacking items for themselves or their family members. The trend toward nutritious, wholesome and healthy snacking options will continue throughout 2019 and beyond. Healthy children’s snacks are also a large part of this market.

Consumers don’t just want to know their snacks are nutritious — they want to know they’re good for the world as a whole. The desire for sustainability in snack food products isn’t going away any time soon! Customers want to be able to know the source of the foods they’re buying, and they want it clearly labeled on the packaging.

Good Gut Health

Recent years have seen an uptick in products marketed for good gut health and better digestive health overall. This trend is likely to continue in 2019. Studies have shown that gut health is a foundational component of whole-body wellness, and snack foods are the latest to capitalize on this fact. Consumers want foods — including snacks — to help improve their digestive systems and other body functions, so snack foods are likely to continue touting probiotics and fiber as key components.

Flavor Innovations

Last but not least, innovation in the flavor department is another key push in 2019 snack trends. Manufacturers are turning to iconic regional flavors to enhance their snack options — Texas barbeque or Maryland Old Bay spice, for instance. Look for more products boasting unique and innovative flavors to satisfy experimental snack food fans.


What kind of snacks do you prefer?

Give these options a try for healthy, convenient, and flavorful snacking this year.

3 Key Ingredients to Business Opportunity Success

Are you thinking of venturing into a new business opportunity? Whether you’re starting your own business from scratch, or you’re already a business owner who is launching into a completely new area, it’s important you have a few ingredients in place. Let’s take a look at the three key ingredients to business opportunity success — without these, your business venture may be doomed before it even starts!


Drive and Determination

First, you must have — and continue to have — an innate drive to make your business work. Not everyone is cut out to be a business owner; some are best suited working for someone else, and that’s perfectly okay. If you want to be successful in your business opportunity, however, you need a never-ending determination to make it work, no matter what. That’s how you beat the odds and make your business a success.

Business System

The second key ingredient involves more of the practicalities and logistics of your business; the product or service you’re selling, the location, sales, marketing efforts, training, etc. This is also called your business system. If these essential “bones” of your business aren’t in place, things won’t go as planned. Where drive and determination are more innate, the business system is something you must work on — without spending the proper time getting this together, your business opportunity is seriously at risk.


It’s important to note that even with the best business system, a venture can fail without an additional key factor: fit. Your business must be one that is the right fit for you — the business should build on your talents, knowledge, experience and strengths. When you run a business that fits your “profile,” it’s much more likely to be a success.


Ready for Success?

Naturals2Go is here to help you achieve success in your business ventures. If you’re an entrepreneur, don’t go it alone — give us a call to see how we can help.

3 Ways Healthy Vending Machines Are Revolutionizing the Vending Business

There’s no denying the fact that vending machines can be an easy, quick and handy way to pick up a drink or snack. The vending business has escalated at a very high rate over some time.

The main dilemma is that most vending machines are dispensing sugary, processed,  basic carbohydrates, with ingredients that negatively affect our health. We all know what we are getting from a standard vending machine, but just imagine if the snacks from these machines were healthy for us.

With this being said, many companies are taking healthy vending seriously. It will definitely dominate the snack market over the next few years and revolutionize the business due to the following reasons:

Cutting Down On Fat

Most of the vending machines are focusing on high-calorie and low-nutrition foods and sodas, which is a contributing factor towards obesity.

The thought of students getting fat, with all the extra sugar and calories in school, is terrifying.  To rectify this problem, many providers are now installing healthy vending machines and are intent on providing healthy snacks with the same convenience that people have grown accustomed to.

Along with ending your hunger, these healthy snacks will give you energy and you won’t have to worry about a lot of weight gain. Along with many health benefits, these healthy foods are also good for the environment.

Organic Foods

The organic food market is the fastest growing market in the world and these high-quality items can be distributed by vending machines. Sadly, there are not many companies that are interested in selling organic food. With businessmen and women focused solely on making a profit, this is taking a toll on people’s health.

As people are becoming more aware of the potential side-effects of pesticides and preservatives they are inclining more towards organic foods. Still, many vendors ignore this to keep up their profit margin. But the future for vending machines that sell healthy and organic items is bright as people begin to search for healthy, nutritional snacks and beverages.

A Feel-Good Business

With the arrival of healthy vending machines, this purely for-profit vending machine business is a thing of the past. Now, vending providers are taking pride in knowing that their business is making a difference in people’s lives and how they enjoy healthy snacks.

Yes, profitability is a critical aspect of any successful business, but using this as the only driving point for a vending machine is at the expense of people’s long-term health. Now with the growing awareness, vending machines are operated with the environment and customer in mind. These vendors now reap the benefits of successful enterprise and feel proud about what they are contributing to society.

From these points, it is very well understood that healthy vending machines are revolutionizing this business. With this era of healthy vending, there is also a positive impact on the upcoming generations. No longer will our cravings will be dominated by unhealthy eating choices, but will be replaced by products that are healthy and beneficial.

Healthy Food Trends You Haven’t Tried Yet


How much do you love healthy foods? If you do, then the latest food trends are meant especially for you. These food trends are amazing and can do wonders for your health. Eat them alone or combine them using your creativity, both ways it will provide you with a dose of deliciousness and health.

Read more about them below:


  1. Chia Seeds

These seeds have been around for centuries but gained popularity recently. Health conscious people would love them. These small seeds contain protein equivalent to some nuts. Moreover, they have alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), and plant-based omega-3 fat. Chia contains 2 grams of protein and 1.75 grams of ALA per tablespoon. Chia seeds can be absorbed easily, gel easily, and add a dash of creaminess to pancakes and oats. This ensures that it can be digested by a sensitive stomach as well.


  1. Coconut Flour

Most of us are aware of coconut water and coconut oil only. Coconut flour is a nice way of adding a coconut flavor to baked goods. The white, aromatic flour is gluten free and adds 5 grams of fiber per 2 tablespoons. It is a healthy food for diabetics as it lowers the glycemic index when added to baked goods.


  1. Seaweed

Seaweeds can be classified in the family of nutrition dense sea vegetables. What is so special about it? Dulse seaweed is rich in iron and potassium and has iodine in a good amount. Iodine, as we all know, is needed for the regulation of the thyroid gland. Dulse boasts a salty, of-the-sea flavor.  It can be eaten in many ways – flakes, dried strips or it can even be crumbled on salads and soups.


  1. Hemp

Chia is not the only superfood making buzz, hemp is also garnering attention. Though growing it is illegal in many parts of the world, eating it is gaining popularity. Just like sunflower seeds, you can eat hemp seeds raw or sprinkle them over salads or yoghurt or even ground them to make seed butter. Hemp seeds fulfill 16 percent of your daily value of magnesium and phosphorus with each tablespoon in addition to a little less than 1 gram of fiber and 1 gram of ALA.


  1. Rooibos Tea

While the masses seem to be obsessed with green tea, that’s not the only healthy tea on the market. An herbal tea – Rooibos tea, red in color, prepared from the leaves of Rooibos bush is also making a buzz. It is good for the heart. It was seen that people at risk of developing heart disease saw a decrease in their triglycerides and ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol. This red tea increased ‘good’ cholesterol when they drank 6 cups every day for 6 weeks.


Wrapping up

If you haven’t yet tried these superfoods, then it is the right time to start eating them. Allow these food trends make an entry into your lifestyle. Your body will love them.


Eat Your Way Through A Vending Machine


You have seen a vending machine. Who hasn’t? Very rarely you will come across someone who hasn’t seen this fantastic scientific invention. So every time you have those unexpected hunger pangs, just look  to  find a vending machine in the vicinity. Just enter some money and grab a snack.


Interestingly, not many people know that an Egyptian mathematician and engineer, Hero of Alexandria, built the first vending machine somewhere between 30 AD and 70 AD. Hero invented a lever mechanism that counterbalanced to deliver holy water after inserting a coin. Today, from novelty items to food, jewelry to necessities, vending machines have come of age. It has reinvented the way people buy goods.


The immense popularity of the vending machines is due to its convenience. Vending machines are in hospital corridors, offices, schools, restrooms, and bus terminals. The only prerequisite is that the place should have foot population. Busy people around these places will flock the vending machines the most. There is nothing you won’t like about the device. These machines are everywhere. They are found anywhere and with items at an affordable price. The time doesn’t seem far off when you these vending machines will take over the fast food chains and convenience stores.


Modern era vending machines have been around for long time as well, the first modern machine was created in 1880 in London. These are even said to be the precursors of pinball and slot machines. Advancement in technology has made the vending machines far better than they were at the time of their inception. It has boosted the vending machine business, too. As demand for these increases, the vendors are motivated to offer new things properly. Henceforth, if you are planning to buy or rent a machine, verify with the local companies before sealing the deal.


Just be aware of the company you choose to buy from. Not all the machines will be of high quality. Meanwhile, apart from the convenience and accessibility, one must ensure the kind of products put inside the machine. There are so many machines that carry just soda and junk foods. These are ideal for selling due to their long shelf life but are the worst nutrition option. They have a poor affect on health. People nowadays are drifting towards a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. The demand for healthy vending machines is increasing. People want their favorite meals dispensed from vending machines. It can vary from sandwiches to all kinds of hot and cold meals. It has started happening already.


A healthier option is a revolutionary concept in a fast food world. It is the next big thing on the food scene. There is something for everyone, from toddlers and kids to adults and the elderly, people can revel in the eateries to solve their hunger pangs. These include Granola bars, Tuna salad kit, Popcorn, chocolate milk, trail mix and so on.  Yes, healthy machine vendors are providing these options and are an essential part of the whole chain.



Mainstream Food Trends 2018


2018 is coming to a close. The food industry saw many new trends this year. Let’s take a look at the top 5 creating a buzz, going mainstream and are expected to grow and be a part of everyday life in the coming years.


  1. Hydrogen Water

Water is important for all of us but drinking water can be boring sometimes. Health conscious people are now turning to the energy charging benefits of Hydrogen Water. It is the next big thing in the wellness market. Hydrogen water is nothing but water with extra hydrogen added to it. When you drink it, it turns into an anti-inflammatory agent. This makes your cells act as ‘antioxidant factory’.


  1. Golden Milk

The golden milk packed with turmeric has been around for a while but went mainstream this year. Turmeric, as we all know, is a powerhouse of medicinal properties due to the presence of curcumin in it. The bioactive compound is robust in its anti-inflammatory properties. The amount of curcumin is just 3 percent, but that is sufficient for making it a trend people are talking about.


  1. Pea Milk

It is the food trend vegans were waiting for. It is the most recent dairy alternative and additionally, is a good nut-free alternative. Pea milk does not taste like peas. It is prepared by harvesting yellow peas, then grinding them into flour. Furthermore, this flour is processed to separate the pea protein from the starch and the fiber. This pea protein is then purified and blended with other ingredients such as sea salt and sunflower oil and provides a good source of vitamin B12.


  1. Plant-based Meats

It is great news for vegans and vegetarians that food manufacturers are working on processing plant based proteins into something that looks like, cooked like, and tastes like meat. When meat is swapped for plant based proteins it lowers the amount of saturated fat and enhances vitamin and fiber content of the dishes. This minimizes the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Plants need fewer production resources which are good for the environment. There are meat burger alternatives on the market already.


  1. Medicinal Mushroom Powder

It is claimed that medicinal mushrooms such as cordyceps, reishi and chaga are full of antioxidants and essential nutrients such as potassium, iron and vitamin B. These are known for healing many conditions like inflammatory diseases such as arthritis or high blood sugar. While you are reading, more and more research is being carried out all around the world.


Wrapping up


These food trends are already mainstream. Have you tried them yet?

Gumball Vending Machine: All About Installing A Chewing Gum Vending Machine


Sure, you can pick a pack of bubble gum from the store and munch it all day, but you’ll miss the fun of putting a coin in and guessing which color Gumball you will get!

Gumball machines are the most loved things of childhood, in fact, some of the fondest memories from kids are about these nifty inventions.  They dispense a delicious treat with just the throw of a coin, and sometimes also serve up other candies and gifts, too.

Generally, a chewing gum machine consists of a clear sphere (glass or plastic), filled with Gumballs. This glass sphere sits on the top of the metal base and at the top, a keyhole to fill it with savory treats.  The first Gumball vending machine appeared back in 1888, in the United States, making them one of the earliest coin-operated machines in the world. Besides, with a Gumball vending machine, you can sell bubble gum, candy, or other fun prizes in the same style machine.

Gumball vending machines come in various styles, shapes, and designs.  You can have a single vending machine or have a model that offers two or three variations in one machine.

If you are planning to incorporate these candy machines, here are some tips on installing them:


Install Them In High Traffic Areas:


Before installing a vending machine, do take note of high foot traffic areas.  High traffic areas are ideal for drawing more sales. If the gumball machine is tucked away from foot traffic, it will fail to draw the attention of kids and other people, and won’t come in much use. Use it in the hallways, around movie theaters and other locations that are most likely to host kids.


Do Consider The Amount Of Space Available:


Small spaces may only be able to host a Gumball machine, however, if you have a larger space, you can also incorporate a toy machine and other pieces of equipment to draw more buyers.


Quality Of Gums:


Always looks for high-quality Gumballs and the freshest products to sell. Always pick products that have a long expiration date, at least 30 days. Of course, you want to sell quickly, but make sure to change them out if you see that an item is not moving.


Keep An Eye On The Climate:


Candy and gum react differently to different climates and also vary as per the location of the machine. So check where you are going to place the machine. Keep it away from the direct sunlight, as the sun rays can hamper the quality and color of the gumballs and candy.. Don’t put chocolate candy, if the machine is not placed in an air conditioned environment.


Keep The Candies, Fresh:


Reseal each case after opening. Store candy cases 4-6 inches above the floor to keep them away from pests. Do not use personal household sprays and cleaners on the machine.


Clean The Machine:


Keep the machine clean and hygienic. When adding or changing gums, make sure to clean the machine thoroughly.

*Pro Tip: If you are using jelly beans or similar candy, spray non-stick cooking spray to avoid them sticking together. To do this, place candy in a large bowl, coat them with a cooking spray and stir them thoroughly before placing in the machine.

If you want to offer fun, colorful candies to your clients and want to generate profits, install a Gumball vending machine!








Do Check These Things If You Are Incorporating Healthy Vending Machines!


For many of those craving a snack, the satisfaction lies inside a vending machine! Maybe munching a bag full of chips, or drinking a coke. What if instead of these unhealthy items, they got a healthy thing to munch. Maybe a handful of berries instead of Pop Tart or a seltzer water instead of a soda.

For many, opting for a bar of Snickers is way more convenient and accessible than a pack of almonds. Unhealthy snacks lead to obesity and higher calorie intake.  As per stats, 25% calories come only from snacks.

While the snack vending machines have been around for a while, some healthy machines are making way, giving healthy eating options to people. If you are planning to incorporate it, here are some common mistakes to avoid:


Placing The Two Together


While it seems natural to offer more options for people to choose from, it can decrease the sales of your healthy vending machine. It can also confuse the buyer as they will incline to the popular options. Furthermore, people make decisions based on price and brand name, even if you are selling healthy options.


Don’t Tuck Them Behind The Junk Food Machines


It is very helpful to consider the location of the vending machine, so don’t tuck it in a dark corner. Also, don’t put it somewhere, behind the junk food machine, doing this will only slam your image and will make people think that you are selling the same products. Make your healthy vending machine stand out and let people notice it.


Work On The Machine’s Appearance


If your healthy vending machine looks like any other machine, who will be attracted to it? The dull, faded vending machine does not tell customers that you are offering something different!

Offer clear information on what you are selling. Use video screens and posters to deliver information.  You can also use LCD touch-screens to make purchases and to increase sales.


Don’t Stick To Cash Only Options


Equipping your vending machine with a credit card reader will let people make purchases beyond cash. Doing this will not only increase your vending machine sales but will also help you track sales and transactions from your machine. Also, doing this will give customers more purchasing power, resulting with you having higher profits from the vending machine.


Target Customers And Sell


If you think simply setting up a healthy vending machine and stocking it with the products is enough, it’s not! Do a little research to see which foods will fascinate the clients and which will sell in your location. Not doing this will end in loss of profit and you will end up with unsold product.


Don’t End Up Selling Foods Only


Don’t limit your vending machine by simply selling foods. Create more streams of income by selling other healthy things. Use video screens to display everything you are vending.

Success is often how you deal with it and how you sell the products. The good news is now that you are aware of the most common mistakes to avoid, you can reap benefits and huge profits!