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Filling Vending Machines: Understanding Your Customers’ Preferences

Posted by VendTech Media - August 6, 2020
Filling Vending Machines: Understanding Your Customers’ Preferences

There are all sorts of trends in the world of healthy eating, and the healthy vending business is affected by that. Your customers are looking for foods that fit into very specific “categories” when they’re shopping your machines — organic foods and Keto-friendly foods, just to name a few examples.


Let’s dive deeper into these healthy food categories, so you know exactly what to stock your machines with. That way, you’re delivering on what your customers really want.


Organic Foods

A food labeled as “organic” means that it’s been grown or processed differently than a non-organic version. According to the USDA’s website, organic foods are grown or processed according to federal guidelines that address animal-raising practices, pest and weed control, the use of additives, and soil quality, among other factors. To put it simply, organic foods are made in a “cleaner” way than non-organic foods.


In a vending machine, all sorts of foods can be organic, from fruits and salads to sandwiches and wraps.

Non-GMO Foods

A lot of consumers are also looking for foods with the non-GMO label. GMOs are genetically modified organisms, otherwise known as bioengineered genes. Any food that is organic is completely GMO-free, as mentioned above, so it’s not hard to stock your vending machines with some non-GMO options. Fruits and veggies, yogurt, and certain packaged snacks are all good options.

Plant-based and Vegan Foods

Vegetarianism and veganism are more popular than ever in recent years. And the healthy vending business can easily keep up with these trends. Vegetarian options for vending machines include vegetables, fruits, potato chips, granola bars, nuts, and much more. Vegan options include much of the same, minus any dairy or meat. It’s very easy to stock your machines with plant-based and vegan foods, and it will satisfy a wide swath of your customer base!

Keto Foods

The Keto diet has become popular in recent years and is essentially a low-carb, high-fat diet. The goal is to have your body burn fat instead of carbohydrates, ultimately helping you to lose weight in a relatively short time period. It can be a little trickier to stock vending machines with Keto-friendly foods; fruits are completely out, as are grain-based foods, sugary items, and even some vegetables. Some keto-friendly vending machine options include mixed nuts, olives, and flax-seed crackers.

Paleo Foods

The idea of the Paleo diet is to eat as our ancient ancestors did — without any processed foods or additives. Staples of this diet include meats, vegetables, fruits, and seeds. As you can imagine, it’s very vending-machine friendly! Try stocking your machines with nuts, seeds, and fruit and veggie packs to satisfy your Paleo consumers.

Make Your Stock Count

Your end goal is always to satisfy your customers. So, stock your machines with items that your consumers desire. Whether it’s plant-based snacks, vegan options, foods that conform to the Keto or Paleo diets, non-GMO choices, or organic foods, your customers will thank you. And Naturals2Go is here to help you with all of it — contact us today.

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