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On Her Terms: Growing a Business and a Family

Posted by VendTech Admin - January 5, 2021
A Family Business Franchise

This article originally appeared in Franchise Dictionary Magazine


Lyndsey Wolfsmith wanted more than an interesting work life; she wanted a life. She found both with Naturals2Go, which has enabled her to build her business while raising a growing family.


Naturals2Go is a business program offering healthy snacks, quick meals and drinks utilizing the latest technology in automated retail with services and support unmatched in the vending industry.


Wolfsmith had a lengthy career as a management consultant for large programs for an international corporation. She enjoyed the work but struggled to maintain a healthy work-life balance. So, she began searching for opportunities that would allow her to work on her own terms.


Her first foray into business ownership began as a franchise consultant, representing hundreds of brands, including Naturals2Go.


When she became pregnant with her oldest daughter, now 8, she decided to represent the Naturals2Go business opportunity full time as a member of the franchise development team.


“I really loved the brand because it filled a specific niche that a lot of other businesses could not,” she says.


A year later, Wolfsmith decided to invest and become an owner-operator. With six and a half years of ownership, she now owns 11 machines and is looking to grow. “I started with 10 machines, but we decided to expand our family and I had two more children who are now 3 and 4 years old. But I’m ready to start growing the business, and just recently hired someone part-time to help refill the machines.”


Wolfsmith loves the vending business because it fits well into her lifestyle. “It allows me to include my children. They like to accompany me to certain locations, which unexpectedly has created a stronger bond with those  locations. Clients get to know the whole family. It’s a good way to show kids how to be well organized and self-sufficient, and it gives them a way to be involved.”


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