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Good for a Healthy Soul: The Healthy Vending Industry is Giving Back

Posted by Al Goldsmith - July 23, 2015

With all the great passive income that comes along with being an owner/operator of a healthy vending machine, you sometimes may forget that you are a part of a larger industry as a whole. Luckily, the vending and snack industry gives back to the community in so many kinds of ways. Here are some of the more recent ways that different companies/organizations are changing the world around us for the better:

General Mills
One of the world’s largest food companies, General Mills has announced that they will begin removing the artificial flavors and colors that come from artificial sources in the rest of their cereals. More than half were already free from them, but now they hope to remove them out of 90% of their cereal offerings in 2016.
Cargill, Kellogg and ASDA
Even snack companies are getting involved with the big causes. Cargill, Kellogg, and ASDA are coming together to help women working in cocoa farming communities in Africa. Although women make up almost half the workforce, they are not getting the help needed to start smallholder production vs. just subsistence farming. Offerings in this program will include gender sensitization training, a situational analysis to help gain insight for the future, and funding for the training of female farmers on agriculture and business. In the long run, not only does this boost public opinion of the brands and companies involved, but it will come back to them in the form of a stronger, highly trained, diverse workforce moving forward.
Most Innovative New Products Award
It’s an exciting time when the industry gets together to honor handwork and creative thinking. At this year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo, the National Confectioners Association picked 45 companies to honor with New Product Award nominations. The winner was picked through a vote by trade consumers. To read more and check out a full list of winners, head over to this article.
NAMA Foundation Hosts Vending Students
For two days this July, 2 students and one teacher will be flown by NAMA to DC for the first ever, NAMA Fly-in. The event will focus on vending and refreshment service industry legislative efforts. According to NAMA it hopes that the students that are selected will gain personal and career development. Read more at Vending Market Watch.

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