Vending Machine Technology

Machine Comparisons

We are often asked how much do you sell your vending machines for? The answer is we do not sell vending machines. We sell a comprehensive business model. We help our client launch a healthy vending business.  Machines are an important part of the business startup, but they do not give you a whole business.

Like the tallest skyscrapers, everyone sees the beauty of our Combo Machine, but most don’t see the foundation. The foundation of your business is the quality we build into every Naturals2Go machine. Contact us to learn more about our equipment and all the expansion options to build your Naturals2Go Vending Machine business.

Vending Technology is the solution to efficiently operating a vending machine business.
We live in a digital world, and the reality is that consumers don’t always carry loose change or dollar bills for vending machines. They prefer using advanced payment systems and credit cards. Our vending machine owners save time in servicing each location as our technology keeps them up to date on the sales activities and inventory levels online. Naturals2Go offers operators advanced healthy vending machines that take health and convenience to the next level.

Our operators have access to cutting-edge technology designed to streamline business activities and enhance the user experience. Vending machine technology simplifies daily operations for improved efficiency and convenience.

Get to Know AirVend Technology

All the Naturals2Go advanced healthy vending machines feature AirVend telemetry technology. Each machine features a user-friendly touchscreen display panel designed to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. At the point of purchase, consumers can use the touchscreen to make a payment using cash, a debit or credit card, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other cashless payment options. Our vending machines also allow customers to scan through product nutrition information before making their selections.

Greatly Improve the Vending Experience with AirVend


Our Operators Also Benefit from This Telemetry System

Using an encrypted connection, machine owners can remotely monitor equipment, identify technical difficulties, track sales, and manage inventory. You won’t have to worry about a jam in your vending machine preventing sales. Access the N.E.A.T. portal to check your machines, whether you’re at home, in the next building, or across the world.

Get to Know Our Proprietary N.E.A.T. Program

The N.E.A.T. program accounts for the second part of our vending machine technology services. N.E.A.T. stands for “Naturals2Go Electronic Automated Business Toolkit.” The toolkit, which doubles as an online portal and management system, allows operators to remotely access and manage every part of their business from one central location.

Naturals2Go Automated Toolkit


VENDPRO Online Education Center

An online resource center, the system provides operators with access to:

  • A business website ~ Your customers will find information about you, your product, and more when they visit your customized vending website
  • Support materials ~ Browse through training guides, how-to videos, best practices pages, industry news, featured products, all in one easy place; the VENDPRO Education Center.
  • Wireless information (AirVend) ~ Take advantage of remote inventory monitoring, sales tracking, and machine functionality when you access your portal. Order more supplies to keep up with consumer demand and optimize your product offering with this sales information.
  • Plan-o-grams and product support ~ Inventory management for re-order, sort, and plan the layout of your machines from the N.E.A.T. portal to keep your machines operating efficiently.

VENDPRO Education Center is an all-inclusive suite of tools designed to make your vending business more efficient and easier to manage. The convenience and user-friendliness of these tools set Naturals2Go advanced healthy vending machines apart. We leverage our vending machine technology to make running a vending machine business easier.

VENDPRO VTI Online Education Center

This online Education Center becomes your base for:

  • Connecting and keeping up to date on product resources
  • Providing information on new product info and special cash back rewards
  • Keeping you up to date on the latest vending news,and industry updates.
  • Spotlighting featured operators
  • Sharing ideas and tips for running and growing your vending business.
  • Offering special rewards and savings programs and benefits ot our operators
  • FAQs ~ frequently asked questions
  • Machine training videos
  • Technical support videos

Contact us to receive an invitation to our private online webinar presentation for a full overview of the Naturals2Go Business Program.