Operating a Vending Business

Naturals2Go Offers Expert Help and the Best Technology

New operators approach Naturals2Go with several questions. They wonder how much money they can make and if operating a healthy vending machine business can be a full-time income. They wonder how the business works and if they will receive proper support. If you partner with Naturals2Go, an industry leader in vending machine equipment and vending services, you will gain access to our network of experts and some of the best technology in the business.

Commonly Asked Questions About Running a Vending Machine Business

  • Is Naturals2Go a franchise? ~ While it may appear as a franchise on the surface, the business offers independent ownership to all equipment operators. We do not charge franchise fees, and our machine owners purchase their vending machines outright. There are no royalties, you keep what you earn. This unique approach to the business sets us apart from competitors.
  • How much money do operators typically make? ~ According to our market research, the vending market is as healthy as ever. The income is going to depend on the business program you choose and the number of machines included. Operators can choose to work part time and add supplemental income or service more machines and leave their traditional job environments. You get to decide how large your business will grow.
  • Will Naturals2Go select the products in my machines? ~ Many of our owners running vending machine businesses choose to specialize in certain health niches. Some may offer gluten-free snacks while others prefer to keep their vending machines vegan or vegetarian. We’ll give you the tools and the network to customize your product selection based on community demographics. When you serve customers with the products they want, everyone wins.
  • I don’t know anything about operating a vending machine business. Can I still benefit from purchasing my own machine? ~ Yes! Naturals2Go equips all operators with the skills needed to succeed in the industry today. From intensive startup training courses to connecting you with industry experts, you’ll learn everything you need to know when you partner with a well-known brand such as Naturals2Go. We cover technology, equipment, and market research in our comprehensive training programs.
  • What makes Naturals2Go better than other healthy vending machines? ~ Several differentiating factors set our vending machines apart. Our healthy vending machines use the latest technology and streamline the user experience and remote management. Our vending machines are made in the USA. The suite of tools our operators use allows them to maximize each location and vending machine for optimal profitability. Customers want to take a second look at our colorful and eye-catching machine graphics. Running a vending machine business has never been more straightforward. When you’re ready to differentiate yourself with a health-conscious brand, consider Naturals2Go as your go-to startup resource. You can count on our equipment and professionals to give you the market insights, foundational knowledge, and equipment you need to launch a successful vending machine business. Learn more about our commitment to you.

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