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Top Businesses for Women in the Workplace (other than healthy vending)

Posted by Al Goldsmith - July 21, 2015

Kellogg Company, General Mills, and Kraft Food Group were all recently awarded the important title of being a Top Company for Women in the Workplace by the National Association for Female Executives. Congratulations!

As a vending operator, you belong to a diverse group within our field. You are also popping in and out of businesses to fill your machines with quality snacks, so although you are no longer in a corporate office most days, you still find yourself interacting with them. We at Naturals2go want to give our thanks to these snack/food companies that have been recognized as some of the best for female employees to work at!
Kellogg Company
They are helping out in more ways than one! Senior leaders are actually awarded with bonuses for hiring and promoting female employees. They even have reports done regularly to the board of directors on the progress that is being made to meet gender goals.
General Mills
General Mills actually has a Women in Leadership Group, made up of top level executives, who meet to cover topics like the advancement of women in the company. Not too long ago they had a conference specifically for female managers about developing further within the company.
Kraft Food Group
Every quarter Kraft Food Group holds a discussion series called Women @ Kraft. There dedication to gender equality shows, almost half of all promotions to the manager level are women, and in 2010 Irene Rosenfeld (she is currently the chairwomen and CEO of Mondelez International, which is the international side of Kraft) was the highest-paid female chief executive.

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