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Consumers Demand Healthier Vending Machine Snacks

Posted by Al Goldsmith - February 21, 2014

The demand for vending machines that offer healthy snacks and healthy drinks is beginning to grow all across the country. Lawmakers at the local, state and national level are attempting to make the public aware of the benefits of eating healthy foods. Schools, corporations and businesses are removing vending machines that feature high fat and sugary snacks from their premises and demanding healthy vending options. This changing trend is contributing to the increase in the healthy vending business. This untapped market is currently expanding to meet the increased demand for healthier snacking alternatives. Vending services are reacting to the changing trends in snacking by replacing traditional vending machine options to meet consumer preferences.

Because most people today are interested in improving their health by changing their lifestyle, vending companies have begun to change from offering sugary snacks and drinks to providing healthy vending options. The trend toward awareness of the health risks associated with fat and sugar-laden snacks is responsible for the transition to healthy drinks and snacks in vending machines.
Today’s businesses and corporations are beginning to address major health issues of their employees and are determined to do what they can to provide a healthier workplace environment. With the growing cost of health care, employers are attempting to educate employees about the need for eating healthier. The healthy vending business is capitalizing on this new health trend.
Because of the recent emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle, gyms and fitness centers are springing up in cities across the country. The American Institute for Cancer Research estimates that more than one hundred million Americans are obese as a result of consuming carbohydrates and sugary foods. Only vending machines with snacks are found in gyms as people exercise to lose weight and improve fitness.
The exploding health revolution in this country is responsible for the demand for healthier lifestyles and the switch to all natural and organic food. Health conscious consumers prefer vending machines that offer healthy drinks such as real fruit juice and bottled water. Overwhelming statistics regarding the risk of most snacks is responsible for this trend.
The growing awareness of the dangers associated with some drinking water has caused a surge in providing healthy bottled water in vending machines. Research shows that drinking water is important for staying healthy and hydrated. Schools and workplaces demand that vending machines meet their specific dietary needs by only offering healthy snacks.
Vending machine companies are responding to consumer preferences by stocking their machines with healthy alternatives. Gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar and organic snacks will continue to replace less healthy snacks in vending machines in the future. Health-conscious consumers expect to have a choice in their selection of items from a vending machine. The demand for healthy vending machine options will continue to grow and change the way vending machine companies meet consumer needs.

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