The Business Opportunity

The Six equally important components of the Healthy Vending Machine Business

  1. Products that you market from your machines, where you make your money
  2. Location, where you will place your machine to access customers
  3. Training and Support, so weather you have never started a business or know nothing about the vending industry you will see how we provide you with all the details to make sure you learn the business and the industry through our Education Center.
  4. The Machines, all made in the USA
  5. Technology, giving you access to monitoring your machines online.
  6. YOU – This is the most important and the biggest variable for your success. To be successful with your healthy vending business, you have to first commit to keep your machines clean and full. One of the biggest complaints about a vending machine is that it is empty or dirty.  This is key to understanding the success in this business. The reason to get excited about the Naturals2Go program is the technology we have created that makes it so simple and easy to keep your machines clean and full without it taking all your time.

We Balance Support and Independence

When you look for business opportunities, we recommend looking at a few key components of the business – the previous success of companies in similar markets, the cost-benefit analysis, and the level of support provided. At Naturals2Go, we provide each of our operators with the tools they need to succeed in a healthy vending business, while at the same time respecting the need of independence in a business opportunity.

The Right Support Drives Success

Entrepreneurs interested in the Naturals2Go vending machine business have access to our mentors and support network. As leaders in the vending industry, we recognize the role each operator plays in our success. For the last four years, we’ve earned the Business Opportunity of the Year award from the Franchise Brokers Association. Become part of our operator network to earn supplemental income and enjoy the success our brand has built over the years.

When you choose to partner with Naturals2Go, you will have access to our:

  • Best-in-class vending machine equipment. We make our machines in the USA and design them to deliver a seamless vending process from payment to retrieval.
  • High-quality equipment support. Vending business owners have access to our fast turnaround service and replacement parts program. Each machine comes with an extended warranty designed to keep you up and running for a longer time with fewer operational costs.
  • Experienced mentors. Some of the best vending machine business operators in the industry now serve as mentors to our newest operators. Attend a training program and learn from experienced individuals who understand market fluctuations and the practical side of daily operations.

If you’re ready to make the move to a path of financial independence and freedom, consider owning a Naturals2Go healthy vending business of your own. You’ll quickly see why our model succeeds in markets all over the country. Explore our testimonials to understand what sets our business opportunity apart from the competition.

Tools We Offer Operators

In addition to the support we offer operators, you will also enjoy access to our state-of-the-art business tools to help you manage inventory, sales, and more. Business tools include:

An online business management suite (N.E.A.T.). Log into our user-friendly business management suite to keep track of product performance, schedule shipments, arrange your product display, and compare revenue streams for individual machines. Use our proprietary operator toolbox to make the most of your business. Our vending machine owners use our tools to turn their vending machines from side ventures into full-time businesses.

Wireless telemetry systems (AirVend). Many consumers don’t carry cash anymore. Our cutting-edge technology gives consumers payment flexibility and touch screen access to product nutritional information. For our operators, the technology provides real time remote monitoring, sales, and inventory management. This touch screen all-in-one system leads the way in vending technology, giving you flexibility and ease in managing your vending business.

Don’t let the opportunity for business independence pass you by. Read more about us to discover what makes our business program right for you. Contact us for an invitation to our private online webinar presentation for a full overview of the Naturals2Go Business Program.