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Sticking to a Healthy New Year’s Resolution

Posted by Al Goldsmith - December 30, 2013


One of the best New Year’s resolutions to make is one that leads to a life of better health. Modern day food choices make it easy to slip into unhealthy habits; with an abundance of readily available food that’s fairly inexpensive, it’s no surprise that many people struggle in the battle between their taste buds and pant size. A New Year’s resolution is a perfect way to start slimming down, shaping up and feeling great from top to bottom. However, many people start strong but lose their momentum in the first few weeks. Sticking to a healthy New Year’s resolution might seem a little tough at first, but having a strategy can ironically make staying true to the resolution a piece of cake.

Start With the Basics

The absolute best place to start down a healthy path is at home. This is also the most difficult hurdle for some, and it’s easy to understand why. Either they push themselves too hard or they don’t push hard enough. This early first step is all about finding the sweet spot.

It doesn’t take much to start strong. Instead of giving too much leniency or being too strict, just make each day a tiny bit healthier than the last. This is the secret to developing momentum. While it might not seem like much at first, two weeks of small changes will add up to significant results. Simple changes like eating steamed vegetables with breakfast or passing on the free donuts at work are what separate the people that slim down from the people that can’t seem to cut the fat.

Spotting the Weak Links

Simple changes are the cornerstone of transitioning from unhealthy to healthy. For example, think about the difference that healthy vending machines can make. Where the average person might be okay with cookies and soda for a snack, healthy vending machine options can both make the transition easier and provide more complete fuel for the day’s needs. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find healthy vending. In these cases, it’s best to investigate a few healthy vending companies and find out whether or not they have any machines nearby.

This same mentality can be translated to every source of snacks and meals. By simply looking for companies that are wholeheartedly based around better health, it will become far easier to develop both the attitude and habits of a healthy individual.

Constant Improvement

The final part of sculpting a more healthy lifestyle and physique is to become a person that’s oriented around making improvements whenever possible. It’s not enough to just go to the gym a little bit more or abstain from candy bars; learning and training one’s self is an ongoing process. It won’t be finished in one week or one month. It will continue on for years, but that doesn’t mean that it will take years to get healthy. With that said, the secret of being and staying healthy is understanding that health is one of the most worthy long-term goals that anyone can make with their life. It is fully worth the difficulty, and it gets far easier with time. What was once a difficult chore soon becomes an enjoyable, rewarding lifestyle.

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