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Scale a Vending Machine Business: Contactless Payments

Posted by VendTech Media - January 30, 2024
The Psychology of Convenience: Understanding Consumer Behavior in Vending

In any business, staying ahead means embracing innovation. The healthy vending space is no exception. As we kick off a new blogging series on scaling your vending machine business, our first focus is on a true game-changer: contactless payments. 

The Rise of Contactless Transactions

The way consumers make payments has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, and contactless payments have emerged as a preferred method. With the advent of digital wallets, near-field communication (NFC) technology, and contactless cards, customers are increasingly opting for quick and convenient transactions. 


Naturals2Go’s machines stay on the cutting edge by utilizing NAYAX Contactless Payments and NAYAX Funding. But more on that in a moment – first, let’s discuss the benefits of contactless payments for vending machine owner-operators. 

Benefits for Vending Operators

For vending machine operators, integrating contactless payments can be a pivotal step toward scalability. Here’s why: 


      • Enhanced Customer Experience: Contactless payments offer a seamless and efficient experience for customers. With a simple tap or wave of their card or smartphone, they can make purchases without the need for physical cash or traditional card swiping. 
      • Speed and Convenience: Speed is of the essence in the vending business. Contactless transactions are lightning-fast, reducing wait times for customers. This convenience not only enhances their satisfaction but also increases the overall efficiency of your vending operations. 
      • Increased Sales Opportunities: By embracing contactless payments, vending operators open the door to a broader customer base. Many individuals today prefer the convenience and security of digital transactions. By catering to this preference, operators can attract and retain more customers. 
      • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Traditional payment methods, such as cash, can lead to wear and tear on machines. Contactless payments, being electronic, involve less physical interaction with the machine’s payment mechanisms, reducing maintenance costs and the likelihood of malfunctions. 

NAYAX: Powering Naturals2Go Contactless Payments

NAYAX doesn’t just provide equipment like the VPOS Touch unit (an all-inclusive payment processing center that accepts all forms of contactless payment, including chip, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and app payment options). They’re also here to help Naturals2Go operators with financing – and scaling their businesses. 


NAYAX offers 0%-interest financing – that’s right, free financing – for Naturals2Go owner-operators, something you won’t get at any bank or other lending institution. This is a game-changer for owner-operators looking to expand their business and scale up. 


Learn more about NAYAX contactless payments and funding in Episode 5 of VIBECast! 

Ready to Learn More?

We’re here to help, whether you’re just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey or a seasoned veteran. Contact Naturals2Go to get started. 

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