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VIBEcast Episode 9 – How to Get Into the Vending Machine Business

Posted by HMG CopySEO - February 2, 2024
VIBECast EP03 - The Rise of Unattended Retail: A Lucrative Business Opportunity

An Interview with Matt Genova – From Corporate Executive to Naturals2Go Owner Operator and Business Consultant


In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, the desire to break free from the corporate grind, be your own boss, and regain control of your time is a common theme. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Matt Genova, a former media executive turned Naturals2Go Owner-Operator, to unravel his journey of escaping the corporate world and finding entrepreneurial success in the vending machine business.


Escaping the Corporate World: A Liberating Decision

The Catalyst for Change

Matt Genova, a seasoned media executive with 30 years of experience at the Walt Disney Company and ESPN, found himself at a crossroads after being downsized. In the interview, he refers to this pivotal moment as being “liberated” from his job.

The Allure of Entrepreneurship and Getting Into Vending

For many budding entrepreneurs, the decision to leave the corporate world is often hindered by the fear of the unknown. Matt encourages individuals to embrace change, stating that waiting for the “right time” is a futile pursuit.

Matt’s journey led him to explore various franchise opportunities, ultimately discovering Naturals2Go through his role as a franchise consultant. The key appeal lay in Naturals2Go’s ability to accommodate different backgrounds, experiences, and budget levels.

A Proven Business Model for Everyone

Naturals2Go’s unique vending business model provided Matt with the flexibility he sought – the ability to work from home, set his own schedule, and enjoy the simplicity and fun inherent in the vending industry.

One of the standout features of Naturals2Go is its scalability. Matt highlights that the business can start as a side hustle, grow into a part-time venture, and eventually become a full-time pursuit, all while offering the support needed at every step.

The Exit Strategy: Selling a Revenue-Generating Business

Matt underscores the importance of Naturals2Go’s unique selling point – the opportunity to sell not just machines but a fully operational and revenue-generating business. This provides owners with a viable exit strategy, allowing them to transition smoothly in the face of life changes.

Naturals2Go: The Ideal Opportunity for Consultants and Executives

A Flexible Business for Consultants

For business consultants and brokers, Naturals2Go offers a unique opportunity to fill gaps in their workweek. The business aligns seamlessly with the consultant lifestyle, allowing for a perfect balance of lead generation, conversations, and portfolio management.

Liberating Corporate Executives

Naturals2Go serves as a beacon for corporate executives looking to break free from the corporate chains. The business provides a chance to control decisions, create a personal brand, and enjoy the benefits of working from home, all while running a simple and efficient vending business.

Closing Thoughts: Be Honest, Be Committed, Be Empowered

Matt’s parting advice is simple yet profound: be honest with yourself about who you are and where you want to be. A thorough self-assessment, he suggests, is crucial in making informed decisions about the direction one wishes to take.

Entrepreneurship, according to Matt, is about commitment and ownership. Naturals2Go provides individuals with an opportunity to not only start a business but also enjoy the support, resources, and empowerment needed to thrive.

Are you reading to launch your own vending business?

The journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship is different for everyone, but Naturals2Go stands out as a beacon of opportunity, offering a scalable and supportive business model for those ready to embrace change. Whether you’re a consultant seeking a flexible side hustle or a corporate executive longing for autonomy, Naturals2Go can help you realize your entrepreneurial dreams. Connect today! 


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