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VIBECast EP05 – Scaling Your Vending Business with NAYAX Contactless Payments and NAYAX Funding

Posted by HMG CopySEO - December 14, 2023
VIBECast EP03 - The Rise of Unattended Retail: A Lucrative Business Opportunity

Creating a Contactless, Cashless Payment Vending Business and Scaling with NAYAX Funding

Naturals2Go unattended retail business provides an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs.


      • No need for employees.
      • No expensive retail space needed.
      • No franchise royalty fees.
      • Unlimited growth potential.
      • Expand into any market you want.
      • Accept ALL forms of payment.
      • Get assistance with funding and scaling.


In this episode of VIBEcast brought to you by Naturals2Go, our guest is Yohai Shilon from NAYAX. As one of the world’s leading digital, contactless payment providers, Yohai discusses how digital payment solutions help vending business owners dramatically scale their business.


Yohai also outlines a new funding option from NAYAX that includes 0% financing for eligible Owner-Operators to help scale their vending and unattended retail businesses.


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