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Who Knew? Chocolate, More than Tasty, Also Heart Healthy Snacks

Posted by Al Goldsmith - July 17, 2015

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I know I do (and I bet you do too)! Sadly, for those watching their weight or trying to keep tabs on their health, it isn’t a fixture in what we eat. But that thinking may be wrong! According to research published online in the journal Heart, eating 100g of healthy snacks in the form of chocolate per day could be good for you by lowering your risk of a stroke or heart disease! The study pretty evenly tracked men and women for a period of roughly 12 years. It also raised some interesting questions on whether or not milk chocolate may be as beneficial as dark chocolate.
Although it doesn’t go into detail about other health benefits or drawbacks that may be associated with snacking on chocolate, this is still interesting news for those that love the food. Makes you proud to be able to say that as a Naturals2go operator, you are providing health benefits, along with delicious snacks. If you’d like to read more in-depth about the findings, check out this article.

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