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The 3 Top New Trends in Quick & Healthy Vending: #2 may surprise you!

Posted by Al Goldsmith - July 20, 2015

Healthy snacking isn’t going anywhere (so neither is healthy vending). In recent years, the demand for food and drinks that are ready to consume on the go, as well as good for your body, has sky rocketed. Just like any industry, however, the kinds of things customers are looking for can change. While still healthy, new snack and vending options are becoming popular. Here are a couple trends for food you can grab on the go that will increase during 2015, and carry over to 2016:

Twists on Classics
Chips, popcorn, and other classic snacks will always be in demand for vending machine customers. That doesn’t have to mean they are unhealthy! A new trend in health food production is to take traditional junk food and change it into something new! Look out in the future for items like popcorn that is all natural with sea salt instead of butter, chips that are baked or made with kale instead of potatoes, and soy nuts instead of salted cashews.
Specialty Diets
So many popular diets out there, so little time. In the healthy vending world you can find products that fit into almost any dietary need. Some of the most popular are: gluten free, paleo, organic/all natural, and GMO free.
Cheese has gotten a bad reputation in the dieting community. This is understandable, since so often it is used in excesses to cover non-health foods like french fries and burgers. It is not 100% fair to completely put the dairy product on the naughty list however. Recent studies have found a negative correlation between the snack and high BMI or increased blood pressure. More and more those interested in health are focusing on the fact that cheese is packed with protein and calcium. To read more about the turning tables on cheese check out this article from The Dairy Reporter.
Now that you know more about trends to come, why not take the time and learn more about Naturals2Go’s history.

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