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Vending Inventory Ideas by Location: Schools and Universities

Posted by VendTech Media - August 9, 2022
Vending Inventory Ideas by Location: Schools and Universities

Schools, community colleges, and universities have long been a great spot for vending machines. Busy students bustling this way and that, faculty and staff moving in and out, parents and other school visitors coming and going… there is certainly a lot of foot traffic at these locations. And with everyone on a tight schedule, many people are looking to grab a quick snack or meal in between classes.  


School is back in session soon – it’s the perfect time to capitalize on this great location option for healthy vending machines. Here are some inventory ideas:  

Dried Fruit

Students and faculty looking for a healthy but filling snack in between courses can rely on dried fruit for a tried-and-true option. Dried fruits like apples, bananas, or pears are no-mess and delicious, so they’re perfect for eating in between classes or even during a lecture. Plus, they’re non-perishable, so they’re a good investment for your healthy vending machines. 

Granola Bars

Time is often limited when students or faculty are bustling between classrooms or separate buildings. And if there’s no time to head to the school cafeteria for a full meal, a vending machine is the next best option. Granola bars and other types of snack bars are consistently high-selling options because of their portability, low-mess, and filling nature. These bars are packed full of fiber-rich foods like nuts and oats, which help us to feel fuller faster. Plus, the protein of these foods helps to keep busy students and staff fueled up for their long days.  

Healthy Chips and Pretzels

Chips and pretzels are a classic snack that are always good sellers in vending machines. Go for healthier versions of potato chips to include in your machines, including ones made without a lot of excess flavoring, fats, and sodium.  

Packaged Salads

There is plenty of junk food rampant on school and university campuses. Some students and staff are looking for something a little healthier. Provide it in the form of packaged salads, which make for a great snack in between classes or a full meal during lunch hour. 


Drinks are always a high seller on college and high school campuses, too. Try including coffee drinks for the late-night study groups, sports drinks for the on-campus athletes, and juices for those early-morning classes after long nights. 


Make Your Locations Count

Want to capitalize on the back-to-school rush? Allow Naturals2Go’s location procurement service to help. We’ll help you scout the top locations for machines in your area, including at local schools. Get in touch with our team today to learn more. 

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