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A Franchise for Veterans, Supporting Veterans

Posted by VendTech Admin - August 9, 2022

At Naturals2Go, we pride ourselves on providing an amazing business opportunity, a proven process, and ongoing support for budding entrepreneurs.


Over the years, we have found that military professionals and veterans are highly successful in this type of business. They often possess extremely transferrable skills gained in the military, that enable them to be successful business owners.

Here is why so many veterans are successful Naturals2Go vending business owner-operators:

Disciplined to the Core

As the owner of a business, no one is looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re doing the day-to-day tasks needed. Veterans have learned the importance of discipline and following a schedule.  This is a key skill for running a successful vending business.

Ability to Follow Process

Not only are veterans disciplined, but they understand the importance of process and following a plan. Naturals2Go provides a proven program for success that outlines everything needed to be successful. If you follow the plan, success follows – and military veterans typical thrive in this setting.

Leadership Abilities

Nearly every Military Veteran we meet has amazing innate and learned leadership abilities that allow them to be extremely successful business owners. Veterans embrace responsibility, are selfless, and will set an example for others to follow. These are all key traits in running a successful business.


Naturals2Go Supports Military Veterans

We are extremely proud to have several military veterans as part of our core leadership, training and consulting team. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to help veterans launch their own businesses and leverage the amazing skills they gained in the military.


If you’re exploring Veteran Franchises or business opportunities, be sure to talk with the business consultants at Naturals2Go to learn more about the support and proven program we can offer. Contact us today.


We are also proud to support great Veteran support groups and causes. Here’s a peek at some of our team members completing the 1776 Push-up challenge to help support the Wounded Warriors Foundation:



Author: VendTech Admin

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