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Three Things about Vending Machines Your Customers Want to Know

Posted by Al Goldsmith - June 6, 2014

Many people avoid vending machines because the contents are sometimes questionable and there really are no substitutes for fresh produce that comes from a cooked meal. However, healthy vending options can provide instant snacks and many of the products and ingredients are healthy and convenient. What do people look for, and what are the concerns?

Infographic Concept with a Human HeadsIs the vending machine well maintained?

Dusty machines, empty coils, expired product, and burnt out bulbs are the tell-tale signs of a vending operator struggling to manage their business. The first impression of your healthy vending business must instill confidence in the customer, or they’ll continue their day without ever stopping by.

Tactical Tip: When visiting each of your vending machines, be sure to take a few moments to clean, organize, sort, and upkeep. Its impression is very important to potential healthy vending customers.

Are there healthy snacks and drinks?

Having access to nutritional information for the snacks and drinks is not only a nice feature, but it is quickly becoming a legal requirement. Equipment with newer technology like AirVend, which displays inventory nutritional information, helps give the customer the data that they need to make a healthy decision when they are hungry or thirsty.

Tactical Tip: Be sure that your inventory is appropriately set up with nutritional information, in order to stay in line with legal requirements as well as customer choices.

Can I pay with the methods I have?

Few younger professionals carry cash – debit and credit cards fuel their purchases. When you allow them to use the payment methods that are most comfortable to them, they’ll spend more money, and they’ll spend it more often.
Cash is an important part of being a successful healthy vending operator, too. If you allow for dollars and coins, ensure that you have sufficient change. There’s no more frustrating feeling to a potential customer than seeing an alert for “exact change only”, which denies them their purchase.

Tactical Tip: Utilize credit and debit card processing telemetry devices. Check your bill validators and coin boxes to ensure that your machine always has a sufficient amount of change.

In Conclusion

Your customers want to trust your vending business. They want to rely on you to fill the gaps in their day, and help them through hunger pangs and thirsty times. By understanding what they want, you’ll be a more successful vending business operator.

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