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Healthy Snack Choices From Vending Machines

Posted by Al Goldsmith - September 30, 2014


When you own your own business, make unhealthy vending machine options a thing of the past. Instead, fill your machine with healthy vending options. There are many products to choose from, though some are more obvious than others. Choose from these snacks to make the machines in your business healthy vending machines.
Sometimes the urge for a crunchy, salty snack must be satisfied. In cases like these, healthy vending options are important. Choose baked varieties of your favorite chips, as baked varieties have less fat and calories than their fried counterparts. Mini pretzels and pretzel rods are also an excellent choice to healthy vending machines, since pretzels are typically fat-free. Popcorn provides a larger serving per calorie than other crunchy snacks, and it also has fiber, which is important for a healthy diet.
When you crave candy, having only healthy vending seems like a downfall. This is not always the case, though. Peanut M&Ms are excellent for when a chocolate craving strikes, as the inclusion of the protein-packed center, the peanut, fills you up faster than traditional chocolate candies. Trail mix is also a healthy vending alternative that allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth. Most trail mixes have chocolate candies and raisins, which more than remedy a craving for candy.
For breakfast on the go or for a healthy snack mid-day, stock your vending machines with granola bars. The oats that make up these bars are full of fiber, and many bars are low in calories. Look for granola bars without a ton of added candies and extras, as these additions make them less healthy overall.
While fruits and vegetables are healthy additions to any diet, adding these to your vending machines is difficult unless you also have a refrigeration system. Solve this problem by stocking your machines with freeze-dried or dehydrated fruits and vegetable. These snacks are low in calories and provide many of the same nutrients the foods do in their original form. Boxes of raisins and craisins also work well for this purpose.
Stocking your vending machine with healthy snacks is not difficult, but it does take some planning. Think about the things you crave on a regular basis, usually salty, sweet and crunchy foods, and choose healthier versions. Make eating healthy an easy process by selecting a variety of healthy snacks for your company’s vending machines.

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