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Scale a Vending Machine Business: Secure Capital Funding

Posted by VendTech Media - April 18, 2024
Where Can I Put a Vending Machine?

Continuing our series on scaling a vending machine business, we’re exploring a critical aspect: securing capital funding. Expanding your vending operation demands financial resources, and accessing the right funding options can pave the way for growth and success. Unfortunately, accessing funding is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for prospective owner-operators. 


Don’t worry – Naturals2Go has you covered. Let’s explore the importance of securing funding for your business, and how Naturals2Go can help. 

The Importance of Capital Funding

Capital funding is the lifeblood of any business looking to grow. In the vending machine industry, securing funding enables operators to acquire new machines, upgrade existing ones, expand into new locations, invest in technology, and cover operational expenses. 

Funding Options

There are several options available for financing your new business: 


      • Unsecured Financing: For entrepreneurs with a solid credit history, unsecured financing offers a straightforward route to securing capital. With no need for collateral, the application process is typically simple, requiring only a signature. This option is ideal for those who prefer not to risk personal assets. 
      • Secured or HELOC Financing: If you’re willing to offer collateral, secured financing or a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) can provide access to larger amounts of capital. By leveraging assets such as real estate, vehicles, or equipment, you can secure favorable loan terms and lower interest rates. 
      • 401K Rollover: Entrepreneurs looking to utilize retirement funds without incurring penalties or taxes can explore a 401K rollover. Naturals2Go offers a specialized program approved by the IRS, allowing access to retirement funds for business investment purposes. This option provides a unique opportunity to fund your vending business without tapping into personal savings. 
      • SBA-Small Business Administration Loans: For vending operators seeking government-backed financing, Small Business Administration (SBA) loans are an attractive option. Naturals2Go is proud to be the only vending business opportunity approved for several specialty SBA loan programs. Our Financial Liaison will guide you through the application process, ensuring you access the funding best suited to your needs. 

A Funding Breakthrough: NAYAX

Naturals2Go operators have access to a game-changing solution: NAYAX’s 0%-interest financing. 


NAYAX, a leading provider of vending machine equipment like the VPOS Touch unit, goes beyond just offering cutting-edge technology. They understand the challenges faced by Naturals2Go owner-operators and are committed to supporting their growth journey. Through NAYAX’s financing program, owner-operators can access capital funding at 0% interest – a rare opportunity not typically available through traditional lending institutions. 


Check out Episode 5 of VIBEcast to learn more about NAYAX’s 0%-interest financing.  

Don’t Let Financing Stand in Your Way

We’re here to help get your business off the ground – don’t let financing stop you. Contact Naturals2Go to learn more and get started. 


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