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Scheduling & Planning for the Small Business Owner

Posted by VendTech Media - August 28, 2018

As a small business owner, you are in the center of the action. Your days are spent doing both big picture projects as well as day-to-day details. Even though you’re very busy, it’s important that you also focus on creating business plans and schedules to help your business be more successful.

4 Types of Plans or Schedules You Will Need as a Successful Small Business Owner

There are several variations of plans or schedules that you may face that will help make your business successful. Some may be easy to accomplish in one day, while others may take some strategic focus. Here are a few important plans you should consider to help your small business be more successful.

  • Goal-Setting

While this may seem like an obvious category for planning, many small business owners don’t have a clear idea of what goals they really have. After creating your overarching company goals, you will also need to create smaller goals in each category of your business, such as marketing goals, growth, sales, production goals, etc. All of these goals will affect your revenue goals so it’s important to set goals in all areas of your business to help guide you to success.

  • Annual & Quarterly Plans

Every small business owner will start with a business plan. This plan should be revisited on an annual basis. While the focus of the plan will probably stay quite similar, there may be reason to adjust or pivot some of the strategic plans. Because an annual business plans acts as the map to your business, taking the time to review or refocus this plan is a great way to stay the course to success.

From your annual business plan, you should then split it up into quarterly goals and plans. This help drive your focus and makes success even more attainable. In this way, you can also adjust your annual plan if you find your original ideas need some revision.

  • Special Projects

Sometimes, you will discover new opportunities after you’ve made all your great plans. That’s OK! That’s great, actually. Take the time to create plans and schedules for these special projects so that you can take advantage of them without derailing the overall trajectory or success of your company.

  • Daily Schedules

Finally, daily schedules are very important. They are more than just a to-do list. You daily schedule will help keep you focused during your extremely busy day. With so many responsibilities as a small business owner, your daily schedule can be a reliable tool for success. For example, scheduling a block of time for email correspondence can keep you from checking the never-empty inbox throughout the day, which will distract you from other important business.

If you have other employees who are starting this entrepreneurship venture with you, you can co-create their schedule as well so that everyone stays on task and attacks all your important work together, efficiently.

Become a Small Business Owner

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