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Is Healthy Food Really More Expensive Than Regular Food? Let’s Find Out

Posted by VendTech Media - October 12, 2018
Is healthy food really more expensive than regular food? Let’s find out

It is a general belief that healthy foods are more expensive than regular foods. There may be some truth to that statement but consider the benefits of eating more healthy foods. The price of healthy and organic foods is generally higher than the regular foods options like processed or refined food. Usually, the comparison is made on the price per calorie, and this is where healthy food items lose to regular foods.

But here is the reality check…

Read this again – “price per calorie”. It means that regular foods have far less calories which imply you aren’t eating healthily. This brings us to the first point.

Regular food is unhealthy

A regular food may be cheaper but consider the following statement. Your body receives few, if any, healthy nutrients from most of it. It may satisfy you for a while but will make you crave more in the long run. You will be tempted to buy something else which also increases the overall expenditure on food.

Compare your foods based on the nutritional value, not just the price. Understand that the healthy food with a high price is really more economical than the cheap food which contains no nutritional value. Think about this when you are shopping.


Is healthy food really more expensive than regular food? Let’s find out


Not all healthy foods are expensive

Yes, some organic foods do come at a higher price, but healthy food does not have to always be organic. Organic foods may be pesticide and/or antibiotic free, but that doesn’t mean their nutritional value is any better than non-organic foods. Some of the inexpensive foods are much healthier.

The list includes beans, peanut butter, whole grains which are usually available in store brands.

Pick the right foods based on the above and your total expenditure will be more reasonable.

Food is not just food but it is your medicine for staying healthy. If you eat healthy you will not need so many over-the-counter medicines/supplements to keep your body running efficiently.


Is healthy food really more expensive than regular food? Let’s find out


Are you a smart buyer? Here is how to become one.

Whenever you are shopping for healthy foods, keep your focus more on the whole foods – lean proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables in place of packaged or processed food. Buy seasonal produce wherever you are living. These are less expensive than the non-seasonal ones.

Make comparisons. It is seen that consumers often do not make comparisons when shopping. A study found that healthy foods like whole grains and whole fruits are not always more expensive than refined grains and snacks. The price may vary from time to time, but they are often found to be economical.

In Conclusion

Now that you know eating healthy food is not as expensive as you assumed it was, try making healthier choices and ditch most of the regular foods. Think health, buy healthier food and stay on top of your health game.
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