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Online Store Recommendations for Healthy Living

Posted by VendTech Media - August 16, 2022
Online Store Recommendations for Healthy Living

We all want to live and eat healthier. But not all of us have a healthy grocery store or fresh produce provider within driving – or walking – distance of our homes. And that means that not all of us have easy access to a healthy lifestyle. That’s where online shopping can help.  


Here are a few recommendations for online stores that facilitate healthy living: 

Amazon Fresh

Already have an Amazon Prime account? Then you have access to Amazon Fresh. Upgrade for an additional $15 a month, and you can order produce, perishable groceries, and other items through the service. And you can find obscure nutritional items you probably wouldn’t be able to find on your local grocery store’s shelves. Of course, the big advantage is Amazon’s signature fast – and free – shipping. 

Thrive Market

Use Thrive Market to gain access to discounted food, home, and beauty products. It’s a great way to try new nutritional foods, including fun snacks and fresh produce. You’ll also find sustainable meat and seafood options. The benefits of Thrive Market include automatic shipping and the ability to use filters to shop for a variety of diets and preferences – plus, using Thrive Market supports charitable causes.  


Fresh groceries, snacks, nutritional supplements, cleaning supplies, pantry items… Vitacost, owned by Kroger, has a wide variety of great options for you to choose from (over 40,000, in fact). Their user-friendly site lets you find products easily, and there is automatic delivery and a free shipping option available. Plus, Vitacost runs frequent sales and discounts to help you save even more. 

Misfits Market

Misfits Market connects directly with organic farmers and growers to “save” fresh, wholesome products that traditional grocery stores would reject for being imperfect. All you need to do is select the items for your box – it’s fully customizable, so you get to pick the fresh produce, pantry items, and even meats that you’d like. And because Misfits Market strives to use the most low-impact packaging possible, you can rest assured your investment is good for the environment.  


Everyone Deserves Access To Healthy Living Options

With a variety of online options for healthy food and sustainable products, just about everyone can have access to healthy food options and other great products. Give the above options a try and see how you like them!  

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