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Spending Time With My Favorite Coworker – My 3-Year-Old

Posted by VendTech Admin - August 9, 2022

Wake up. Decide what’s most important in your life today. Determine your own schedule. Report to yourself. Spend precious time with loved ones. Teach valuable life lessons. Build a bond that will never be forgotten. Have some fun doing it all. Then repeat the next day.


That’s pretty much a day in the life of a Naturals2Go Owner-Operator. And…that pretty much sums up the day of Naturals2Go Owner-Operator Ryan Bishop of V3 Vending in Georgia.


Create Your Own Freedom

Ryan launched V3 Vending early in 2021. He wanted the freedom of setting his own schedule. He wanted to reap the rewards of launching and running his own business. He wanted to spend more time with his family. That investment is now paying dividends in a short amount of time!


On a recent morning, Ryan was able to take his favorite co-worker out in the field with him.  “This morning I had some help from our 3-year-old restocking and cleaning of my vending machines,” said Ryan Bishop, Owner V3 Vending. “He had a blast sorting and counting all the products and even got to buy a Crunch bar with his own piggy bank money.”


After launching his business with the help of business consultant Eric Bauer at Naturals2Go, Ryan was able to have a machine placed in a high-traffic car dealership in Georgia. During his standard visit on-site, the team at the dealership loved seeing Ryan’s 3-year-old.  “Thanks to the sales team for letting him ‘drive a racecar’ (new Corvette Stingray),” said Ryan.


Are You Ready for the Driver’s Seat?

Ryan and his son are truly living the American Dream and making memories all along the way. If you’re ready to take control of your schedule, be your own boss, and enjoy the fruits of your labor, contact Naturals2Go today. We would LOVE to feature your success story in the near future!




Author: VendTech Admin

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