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5 Healthy Kitchen Essentials for the Holiday Season

Posted by VendTech Media - December 8, 2022
5 Healthy Kitchen Essentials for the Holiday Season

We all know how the holidays can wreck our healthy diets and lifestyles. But by having the right equipment in place, you can ensure you’re keeping up with your healthy snacks and meals as best you can. Let’s take a look at five kitchen essentials for the holiday season that can help you stay healthy. (Bonus tip: they make great gifts, too!) 

#1: Food Processor

Pureeing, blending batters, making finely chopped veggies, creating sauces, making protein shakes… the possibilities with a food processor are endless. Having one in your kitchen around the holidays isn’t just convenient – it’s a great way to whip up healthy meals, appetizers, snacks, and shakes quickly and easily. 

#2: Dehydrator

Do you like dried fruits, veggies, or jerky for tasty, portable snacks? You don’t always have to purchase prepackaged versions. Use a dehydrator to make your own dried snacks – it’s healthy and easy. 

#3: Veggie Spiralizer

Okay, this one might not exactly be essential – but it sure is fun. Vegetable spiralizers help you make zoodles (zucchini noodles) and other spiraled veggie creations for garnishes and plating. Whether you’re trying to impress during your holiday party or you just want to spice up your family’s dinner, having a spiralizer on hand is a great choice.  

#4: Steamer Basket

Steaming things like fresh veggies, potatoes, and even fish is a much healthier option than pan-frying them in oil or butter. Having a steamer basket in your kitchen arsenal is essential at any time of year, especially around the holidays. Try purchasing a silicone one that can adapt to pots of almost any size and shape. 

#5: Panini Press

Who doesn’t love a good panini? A panini press on hand is a great way to make sandwiches and even quesadillas quickly – and pressing them in a grill is much healthier than loading a sandwich with butter or oil.  

Get Your Kitchen Ready For The Holidays

Try including a few of the gadgets above in your kitchen arsenal this holiday season. They can make your life easier – and help you keep your diet and healthy lifestyle on track until the New Year. 

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