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Is a Vending Machine Business Recession-Proof?

Posted by VendTech Media - January 9, 2023
Is a Vending Machine Business Recession-Proof?

There has been much debate over the looming recession. Some say it’s coming on the horizon. Others insist we’re already in it. Whichever is true, there’s no denying that times are tough between rising inflation, the high costs of goods and services, and future economic uncertainty. And that’s one of the great things about operating a healthy vending business: It’s essentially recession-proof. Here’s why: 

Demand Remains High

The first reason that vending machine businesses are recession-proof is simple. The demand for the products that vending machines provide remains high, even when the economy is in a slump. People want the products found in vending machines, especially healthy ones. Protein bars, trail mixes, salads or other fresh offerings like veggie sticks, healthy chips… the list goes on. People will choose to spend their hard-earned money on healthy and reasonably priced items, no matter what the economy looks like. 

Vending Costs Are Low

For vending machine operators, the costs to start the business – and the costs of maintaining it – are low. This is a good thing in slow economic times. Maintaining machine equipment and parts, stocking inventory, and tracking sales are inexpensive, especially when partnering with a healthy vending platform like Naturals2Go.  


For customers, vending machine product costs are low, too. And with the convenience of grabbing a healthy snack from a vending machine, the low cost and ease of use make vending machines a viable recession-proof option. 

Locations Are Flexible

If a vending operator finds that a certain machine location isn’t producing the way they’d like it to, the solution is simple: Change the location. This is another reason the vending business is recession-proof. If a location isn’t producing revenue, try another one. For example, perhaps your location in an apartment complex isn’t working. Try moving that machine to an office park or a supermarket lobby, and you’ll likely see the numbers rise.  

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