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Achieving Work-Life Balance With a Healthy Vending Machine Business

Posted by VendTech Admin - January 3, 2023


Could you imagine being a mom to six children (2 being twin boys that are nine months old) and running your own healthy vending machine business?!


That’s exactly what Shelley McCauley does each day as she and her husband enjoy the ability to run their own successful business AND have time for their fantastic family.


The McCauley’s story was recently featured in Franchise Dictionary Magazine. While it certainly is a jam-packed day, the freedom of running your own business, adjusting to your own schedule, and making sure family is still the priority has certainly helped them professionally and personally!


If you know someone that is struggling to manage the work-life balance and could benefit from a business that offers time for both, contact Naturals2Go today.  






Author: VendTech Admin

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