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Healthy Living Podcasts You Should Listen To

Posted by VendTech Media - April 27, 2022
Healthy Living Podcasts You Should Listen To

In search of a new podcast? Want content related to healthy living? Check out these examples of great healthy living podcasts:  

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

In this series, host Gretchen Rubin shares her secrets to living a happy life – something all of us can learn from. Most episodes include Rubin’s co-host, Elizabeth Craft, and the pair share practical advice and insights into making the most out of every situation. If you’re looking for a healthy living podcast that focuses on emotional wellness and mental positivity, Happier will fit the bill.  

The Wellness Mama Podcast

Katie Wells hosts this weekly podcast for women and mothers who want to live a healthier life. Every episode features an expert guest and covers some kind of health topic, from sleep and emotional wellness to organizational skills, exercise tips, and much more. If you’re looking for a podcast you can pick up any time, focusing on one specific issue and diving deep, The Wellness Mama is a great choice for you. 

The Psychology of Eating

Marc David’s The Psychology of Eating focuses on helping clients transform their relationship with food using his unique blend of psychology and nutritional advice. Whether it’s binge eating, emotional eating, or the inability to lose weight, you’ll hear real-life people work through their issues with food during each episode. Recent episodes cover topics like ethical veganism, bulimia, and finding a natural relationship with eating. 

The Model Health Show

Creator and host of The Modern Health Show, Shawn Stevenson, interviews experts and also does solo episodes covering all sorts of health-related issues. Topics include stress, weight loss, brain health, financial health, self-empowerment, and much more. The podcast makes even in-depth medical and health information easy to understand for the layperson, and its wide range of topics make it suitable for just about anyone interested in health and wellness. 

The Doctor’s Kitchen

Covering topics about food, medicine, lifestyle, and the points at which they intersect, The Doctor’s Kitchen from host Dr. Rupy Aujla explores how to live your healthiest life. Episodes include subjects like mental wellbeing, building good fitness habits, and nutritional medicine, so you’re getting a wide range of subject matter to enjoy. Explore more here. 

Transform Your Health

Whether you’re looking for inspiration in your own health journey or you’re just interested in a new perspective, give some of these podcasts a try.

Take Your Passion for Healthy Living to the Next Level

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