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Vending Inventory Ideas by Location: Apartment Complexes

Posted by VendTech Media - April 20, 2022
Vending Inventory Ideas by Location: Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes have long been a prime spot for vending machines. These locations are full of people who are coming and going frequently, whether they’re heading to work, picking the kids up from school, or running errands. And those people often need something quick and easy to snack on while in transit.  

Here are some great inventory ideas for your vending machines in apartment complexes: 

Snack Bars

Granola bars and other kinds of snack bars are tried-and-true vending machine inventory items, and for good reason. They’re easily portable, packed with protein, easy to eat with little mess, and delicious. Apartment complex residents can rely on snack bars as a quick pick-me-up between errands, or as a full breakfast when needed. Be sure to keep your machines stocked with snack bars, as they’re sure to be hot sellers.  

Packaged Salads

Many people who live in apartment complexes visit the vending machines to pick something up for lunch on the way to work, or while they’re running home on their lunch break. For consumers looking for something a little healthier, a packaged salad is a great addition. Consumers can take the salad with them to the office and store it in the break room until lunch, or take it to their apartment if they’re eating at home. 

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are full of fiber, which helps us to feel full faster. That’s what makes them a great vending machine inventory item – consumers can grab a quick snack to hold them off between meals. And nuts and seeds are easy to eat on the road, too.  


Consumers like to grab a healthy juice in the morning on the way to work or a bottle of water before they head to the gym after office hours. Drinks are a consistently high seller in vending machines no matter where they’re located, and apartment complexes are no exception. Make sure to keep your machines well-stocked with drinks and juices of all sorts.  

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