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Gumball Vending Machine: All About Installing A Chewing Gum Vending Machine

Posted by VendTech Media - December 22, 2018
Gumball Vending Machine: All About Installing A Chewing Gum Vending Machine!


Sure, you can pick a pack of bubble gum from the store and munch it all day, but you’ll miss the fun of putting a coin in and guessing which color Gumball you will get!

Gumball machines are the most loved things of childhood, in fact, some of the fondest memories from kids are about these nifty inventions.  They dispense a delicious treat with just the throw of a coin, and sometimes also serve up other candies and gifts, too.

Generally, a chewing gum machine consists of a clear sphere (glass or plastic), filled with Gumballs. This glass sphere sits on the top of the metal base and at the top, a keyhole to fill it with savory treats.  The first Gumball vending machine appeared back in 1888, in the United States, making them one of the earliest coin-operated machines in the world. Besides, with a Gumball vending machine, you can sell bubble gum, candy, or other fun prizes in the same style machine.

Gumball vending machines come in various styles, shapes, and designs.  You can have a single vending machine or have a model that offers two or three variations in one machine.

If you are planning to incorporate these candy machines, here are some tips on installing them:


Install Them In High Traffic Areas:


Before installing a vending machine, do take note of high foot traffic areas.  High traffic areas are ideal for drawing more sales. If the gumball machine is tucked away from foot traffic, it will fail to draw the attention of kids and other people, and won’t come in much use. Use it in the hallways, around movie theaters and other locations that are most likely to host kids.


Do Consider The Amount Of Space Available:


Small spaces may only be able to host a Gumball machine, however, if you have a larger space, you can also incorporate a toy machine and other pieces of equipment to draw more buyers.


Quality Of Gums:


Always looks for high-quality Gumballs and the freshest products to sell. Always pick products that have a long expiration date, at least 30 days. Of course, you want to sell quickly, but make sure to change them out if you see that an item is not moving.


Keep An Eye On The Climate:


Candy and gum react differently to different climates and also vary as per the location of the machine. So check where you are going to place the machine. Keep it away from the direct sunlight, as the sun rays can hamper the quality and color of the gumballs and candy.. Don’t put chocolate candy, if the machine is not placed in an air conditioned environment.


Keep The Candies, Fresh:


Reseal each case after opening. Store candy cases 4-6 inches above the floor to keep them away from pests. Do not use personal household sprays and cleaners on the machine.


Clean The Machine:


Keep the machine clean and hygienic. When adding or changing gums, make sure to clean the machine thoroughly.

*Pro Tip: If you are using jelly beans or similar candy, spray non-stick cooking spray to avoid them sticking together. To do this, place candy in a large bowl, coat them with a cooking spray and stir them thoroughly before placing in the machine.

If you want to offer fun, colorful candies to your clients and want to generate profits, install a Gumball vending machine!








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