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Do Check These Things If You Are Incorporating Healthy Vending Machines!

Posted by VendTech Media - December 18, 2018
Do Check These Things If You Are Incorporating Healthy Vending Machines!


For many of those craving a snack, the satisfaction lies inside a vending machine! Maybe munching a bag full of chips, or drinking a coke. What if instead of these unhealthy items, they got a healthy thing to munch. Maybe a handful of berries instead of Pop Tart or a seltzer water instead of a soda.

For many, opting for a bar of Snickers is way more convenient and accessible than a pack of almonds. Unhealthy snacks lead to obesity and higher calorie intake.  As per stats, 25% calories come only from snacks.

While the snack vending machines have been around for a while, some healthy machines are making way, giving healthy eating options to people. If you are planning to incorporate it, here are some common mistakes to avoid:


Placing The Two Together


While it seems natural to offer more options for people to choose from, it can decrease the sales of your healthy vending machine. It can also confuse the buyer as they will incline to the popular options. Furthermore, people make decisions based on price and brand name, even if you are selling healthy options.


Don’t Tuck Them Behind The Junk Food Machines


It is very helpful to consider the location of the vending machine, so don’t tuck it in a dark corner. Also, don’t put it somewhere, behind the junk food machine, doing this will only slam your image and will make people think that you are selling the same products. Make your healthy vending machine stand out and let people notice it.


Work On The Machine’s Appearance


If your healthy vending machine looks like any other machine, who will be attracted to it? The dull, faded vending machine does not tell customers that you are offering something different!

Offer clear information on what you are selling. Use video screens and posters to deliver information.  You can also use LCD touch-screens to make purchases and to increase sales.


Don’t Stick To Cash Only Options


Equipping your vending machine with a credit card reader will let people make purchases beyond cash. Doing this will not only increase your vending machine sales but will also help you track sales and transactions from your machine. Also, doing this will give customers more purchasing power, resulting with you having higher profits from the vending machine.


Target Customers And Sell


If you think simply setting up a healthy vending machine and stocking it with the products is enough, it’s not! Do a little research to see which foods will fascinate the clients and which will sell in your location. Not doing this will end in loss of profit and you will end up with unsold product.


Don’t End Up Selling Foods Only


Don’t limit your vending machine by simply selling foods. Create more streams of income by selling other healthy things. Use video screens to display everything you are vending.

Success is often how you deal with it and how you sell the products. The good news is now that you are aware of the most common mistakes to avoid, you can reap benefits and huge profits!





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