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Forgot Your Lunch? How to Choose the Healthiest Vending Machine Snacks

Posted by VendTech Media - September 12, 2019

Stuck at the office without your typical bagged lunch from home? It’s no fun to realize you’ll have to get your lunch out of the vending machine. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can go about choosing the healthiest options — gone are the days of vending machines only offering junk food! Here’s what to look for when finding a healthy lunch option in the vending machine:

Low-Sodium Options

Many “junk” foods in vending machines are high in salt content, which makes them very unhealthy for you. It’s best to avoid salty potato chips, corn chips, and the like — instead, opt for alternative chips like those that aren’t fried in oil or fat. There are also healthy options like seaweed or kale chips.

Low-Carb Options

When you eat a lot of carbs at lunch, you’ll feel bloated and groggy. Opting for low-carb options is a great way to eat a healthy lunch and keep up your energy throughout the day. Try a full-fat cheese, certain types of nuts like almonds and pecans that aren’t high in carbs, or some hummus dip with fresh vegetables. These are great, healthy options that won’t leave you dragging in the afternoon!

Healthy Protein Bars

Take a look at the ingredients list on your protein bar before deciding to make it your lunch. There are plenty of healthy protein bar options out there — you just have to find the ones that aren’t loaded up with extra sugars or other fillers and have a low carbohydrate content. Select an all-natural protein bar, and you’ve got yourself a high-energy, healthy lunch option!

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits like dried apple slices, apricots, or bananas are a great choice that are found in many vending machines. They come in convenient packages and are great for a portable snack or a full lunch. Just make sure you select dried fruit that doesn’t have a lot of added sugar.


Next time you forget your lunch, don’t sweat it. Take some time to consider the healthiest options at your vending machine, and you’ll be able to piece together a fast, portable lunch that actually benefits your body.

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