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How Technology is Driving the Vending Machine Industry

Posted by VendTech Media - September 19, 2019

The vending machine industry as a whole is doing well. The healthy vending market is a big part of that — now more than ever, consumers are looking for fast, portable, and healthy snacks that suit their busy lifestyles. As vending technology becomes more and more advanced, it’s clear that technology itself is helping to drive the industry forward. Let’s take a look at just some of the ways that this is happening:

Cashless Payment

Today, you can buy almost anything without using cold hard cash. Purchasing a snack out of a vending machine is no exception. Many machines accept cashless payment in the form of a debit or credit card. This form of payment suits the world of vending perfectly — one swipe, and the consumer has the product in their hands. Since 77% of Americans have at least one credit card, it makes for booming business!

Mobile Payment

Alongside cashless payment is mobile payment, meaning that the customer pays for their vending purchase using a mobile app or mobile wallet system. In fact, according to Nation’s Restaurant News, restaurant and snack purchased ranked second in all mobile purchasing by mobile app users! That’s a lot of people using an app to purchase snacks. The vending machine industry is capitalizing on this hot trend.

Video Screens

Some of the most high-tech vending machines out there come with a built-in video screen that allows the consumer to make their selection digitally. These screens might also allow the customer to view nutritional information, price, supplier information, etc. In this way, vending machines are entering the newest age of technological advancement. It’s unlikely that the trend is going away any time soon!

Ready to Get On Board?

Healthy vending machine sales are sitting in the perfect junction between healthy snacking trends and the never-ending expansion of technology. Partnering with Naturals2Go is the perfect way for you to become the entrepreneur you are meant to be! Give us a call to get started.

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