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How You Can Capitalize on The Great Re-Evaluation

Posted by VendTech Media - September 22, 2022
How You Can Capitalize on The Great Re-Evaluation

Many have suggested that The Great Resignation – the mass exodus from the workforce we’ve seen in recent years, spurred by record retirements, shrinking labor participation, and the pandemic – should more aptly be titled “The Great Re-Evaluation.” That’s because what really happened was a mass re-evaluation of what work is and what it means in our lives.  


What does The Great Re-Evaluation mean for you, and how can you capitalize on it?  

You have the leverage.

In today’s labor market, the employee has the power. You can get what you want out of work – and demand it, in some cases – in a way that you never did before. With more people exiting the workforce and choosing to either not participate entirely or take on gig work or freelancing, employers want and need qualified experts. And they’re willing to pay for them. That means employees can ask for higher salaries, better benefits, and perks without running the risk of being shut down. 

Work can mean different things to different people.

Work doesn’t look the same as it always did. We’ve expanded the definition and have, in many ways, successfully changed what work looks like. From remote work to flexible scheduling, including hybrid work arrangements and flexible hours, The Great Re-Evaluation has helped the world redefine what working is. You can capitalize on that – whether you’re looking for more flexibility, higher pay, or the chance to explore a different career field, now is the time to do it.  

It’s a great time to become an entrepreneur.

Another thing The Great Re-Evaluation caused? More people than ever looking to break out of the employer-employee box and launch their own venture. Entrepreneurship is on the rise because it’s a great time to explore your passions and start your own business. What better way to capitalize on the new world of work than to become your own boss?  

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