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Assessing and Setting Your Life Goals

Posted by VendTech Media - September 20, 2022
Assessing and Setting Your Life Goals

When the pandemic pushed the pause button on the corporate grind for many of us, it let us re-evaluate things. And that profoundly changed the way we view our work lives and personal lives – and the ways they intersect. Some of us realized we weren’t in the right career. Some realized they were prioritizing work over family, or suffering through a toxic work culture when they didn’t have to. All of this change has a big impact on your personal goals and what you want to achieve out of your career and life. 

Assess your current life goals.

Let’s face it: The world has changed dramatically over the last few years. And that’s okay. But in this new era, many people are finding that they view things differently than they once did. The pandemic showed us that some things we thought mattered a great deal aren’t as important – and things we may not have prioritized before deserve more of our attention. Assess your current life goals through this lens; do you still want to accomplish the same things you did before? Is what was once important to you still important? If your goals haven’t changed, that’s perfectly fine – the point is that it’s important to make the assessment rather than blindly move forward in a profoundly different world.  

Ask yourself: Do you want to set new ones?

Think about the ways your life has changed since The Great Re-Evaluation. Do you still feel the same way you once did about work? What do you want to accomplish through your job? Outside of work, what matters to you, and how can you prioritize that without sacrificing anything in your work life? Asking yourself these tough questions is the key to coming to a resolution about the new you – the you that’s made it through some difficult years and come out better on the other side.  

Ask yourself “why?”

The Great Re-Evaluation had many people asking themselves “why?” Why are things the way they are? Why am I doing this job? Why should I keep pursuing this career over my real dreams? At the end of the day, asking yourself “why?” is the best thing you can do to close the gap between what you want out of your work life and where your personal goals stand today.  

Set Better Goals For Yourself

We all need strong goals to help us push forward. Take a moment to think about how you’ve changed over the past few years, and how that’s impacted your personal and professional goals. You might be surprised at what you discover! 

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