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Why We Love Healthy Vending (And You Should, Too!)

Posted by Al Goldsmith - May 16, 2014

Recently, vending machines have been getting negative press for being 479706781dispensers of junk food that contribute to the nation’s epidemic of obesity. Vending machines that are filled with nutrient poor options such as high sugar candy bars or fried potato chips probably do deserve this scorn. Even the so-called healthy options in these traditional machines are usually high calorie chocolate laden ‘granola’ bars, or trail mix with more candy than fruit.
Did you know there are real healthy vending machines though? These are filled with real healthy options like baked chips, all natural fruit and yogurt. There’s so many reasons to love healthy vending, and this post is here to convince you of them.
The best reason to love the healthy movement is that it makes a good nutritional decision as convenient as traditional vending makes a bad nutritional decision. The junk food industry exploits people’s taste buds to get them addicted to cheaply produce and readily available food. These bad options have become so ubiquitous however that a lot of people continue to select them even when they know they shouldn’t.
Everyone is busy these days, and we’ve all made the regrettable decision to get that candy bar or snack cake from the vending machine and the worst part is many times we do it wishing there were healthier choices available! This is why machines with smart snacks are great; it’s the idea that people will make the right to decision as long as the better option is readily available.
Which brings us to another equally great thing to love about healthy vending: the foods in these machines can be just as yummy as the ones in the junk machines. You can stock your machines with delicious options like organic cookies, all natural energy bars, and healthy beverages like teas and juices. There’s a too common misconception that if it’s healthy it doesn’t taste good. That is certainly not the case with these healthy options. Once people get a taste for these better choices, they will definitely leave the junk food behind.
Finally, we love the mutual benefit of being able to raise funds or make money through vending while still having a positive impact on people’s ability to make healthy decisions. These well designed vending machines that are packed with nutritious options truly have the potential to change people’s health for the better, and everybody should love that.

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