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VIBEcast Episode 8: Building a Family Business with Naturals2Go

Posted by HMG CopySEO - January 16, 2024
VIBECast EP03 - The Rise of Unattended Retail: A Lucrative Business Opportunity

Join us in this heartwarming episode of VIBEcast as we delve into the inspiring journey of the Mebert family, who unexpectedly stumbled upon the world of entrepreneurship with Naturals2Go.


A Family of 9 Takes the Leap


Meet the Meberts, a tight-knit family of 9, whose journey into the entrepreneurial world wasn’t premeditated. As they navigated the challenges of raising their older kids, the idea of starting a business together was a recurring topic. However, the stars never quite aligned, and the dream was put on hold.


Enter Naturals2Go, a game-changer for the Meberts.


Hear how their eldest child, Keegan, stumbled upon this opportunity, intrigued by the prospect of venturing into vending machines after working with a family friend. What started as a curiosity turned into a family endeavor after a transformative webinar experience.


Doing Things Together:


The Mebert Way The Meberts have always been a family that does things together. Discover how their shared values, collaboration, and mutual support played a pivotal role in embarking on this entrepreneurial journey. From discussions around the dinner table to the realization that this was the opportune moment, their story is a testament to the power of family unity.


Lessons Learned and Future Aspirations


Join us as mom, Kim, and eldest son, Keegan, reflect on the lessons learned, the challenges faced, and the joy of building a family legacy through Naturals2Go. Gain insights into their aspirations for the future and how this unexpected turn of events has not only impacted their family dynamics but also their approach to business and life.


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