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VIBEcast EP13: Insights From Automatic Merchandiser “Legend of the Year” Paul Ihn

Posted by HMG CopySEO - April 9, 2024


Join us on this episode of VIBEcast as we delve into the dynamic world of vending with special guest Paul Ihn, the recipient of the prestigious Automatic Merchandiser “Legend of the Year” award and VP of Product Strategy and Operations at Naturals2Go.


Paul brings unparalleled expertise as he discusses the constant evolution of the vending industry to meet ever-changing consumer demands. From past innovations to future trends, Paul provides invaluable insights into the industry’s trajectory. As a holder of numerous industry patents, Paul emphasizes the significance of Intellectual Capital and the importance of collaborating with industry experts and thought leaders. Tune in to discover the secrets behind vending’s innovation journey and how you can stay ahead in this dynamic market with Naturals2Go.


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