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UFC Hall of Famer Rashad Evans Joins Naturals2Go as Owner-Operator and Professional Athlete and Business Ambassador

Posted by VendTech Admin - November 22, 2022

BUFFALO, NY – November 22, 2022Naturals2Go, a division of VendTech International and a leader in the healthy snack and beverage vending industry, is pleased to announce the addition of former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Hall of Famer and ESPN Analyst Rashad Evans. Evans has joined the Naturals2Go leadership team as a professional athlete and business ambassador and is also the Owner-Operator of his own healthy vending business.


“When I first had the opportunity to meet and talk with Rashad, I was immediately impressed with his vision.” says Heath Falzarano, President of Naturals2Go. “From the moment we first met, Rashad’s passion for personal growth and helping the community radiated. As he shared his history and his goals for the future, there were such strong correlations to Naturals2Go that we both realized there was a natural fit.”


As Naturals2Go’s Professional Athlete and Business Ambassador, Rashad will be actively involved in helping other athletes and aspiring entrepreneurs make the transition to business ownership. His dedication and passion for helping others find purpose in the next phase of their life will allow others to follow his path to business ownership.


“Near the end of my professional fighting career, I realized I didn’t have the same drive and passion for fighting that I once did,” says Rashad. “You begin to doubt yourself and there is a void created. Some may slip into depression, and I realized that I needed to fill that competitive void and find myself again.”


After retiring from professional fighting, Rashad joined forces with former Pro-Bowl NFL Quarterback Jake Plummer and advocate and educator Del Jolly to launch the functional mushroom company UMBO. UMBO produces a full line of functional mushroom foods and supplements created to fuel focus, energy and recovery.


“It was through UMBO that I first had the opportunity to meet Heath, the President of Naturals2Go,” said Evans. “As we talked, I realized we both shared the same passion and drive for helping others. I was drawn to Natural2Go’s mission of helping others achieve their goals, to find their ‘why’ and to fuel their passion. I’m so excited to start my journey of helping others fill their competitive void, find their purpose, and help their communities live healthier lives.”


Whether looking to make the transition from professional sports or Corporate America to running your own business, the team at Naturals2Go is well-suited to support that journey. Rashad joins a team of more than 70 people at Naturals2Go focused solely on helping motivated professionals fulfill their dreams of business ownership. With a proven program of success and the most-awarded vending business opportunity, the team at Naturals2Go is ready to help.


About Naturals2Go


Naturals2Go is the healthy snack and beverage division of VendTech International, a trusted partner helping the entrepreneurial minded startup businesses across the world for over 35 years. Naturals2Go is an innovator in healthy vending and is the highest rated Vending Business Opportunity Company in North America.




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Author: VendTech Admin

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