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Redmond, WA based Naturals NW Vending brings healthier snack options to the Puget Sound area

Posted by Al Goldsmith - May 3, 2016

The Puget Sound is gaining a vital new service for area businesses: healthier vending options from a local owner/operator! Businesses, Schools and Fitness Centers in the Puget Sound region are looking for healthier snack options, but many existing vending companies are slow to offer better options. That changes today with the introduction to healthy vending machines being offered by Naturals NW Vending.
Redmond WA – May 3, 2016
Local resident Rainer Janetzki wanted to be involved in a sustainable business which could improve people’s diets while reflecting his family’s own active lifestyle. People are more health conscious today – forcing workplaces, schools and gyms to set the example by providing better snack options. Thus, more and more businesses are trying to support people looking for ways  to make healthier lifestyle choices.

With that in mind, Rainer Janetzki is proud to announce the opening of Naturals NW Vending — a new, local, “better-for-YOU” vending company with a mission to bring the reality of better vending options to Western Washington.  The equipment they utilize includes industry leading, high tech vending machines with a modern design.
These new refreshment centers offer nutritional information for every snack and drink in the machine, so that customers can make informed decisions before they buy. Payment is a snap as well, accepting cash, credit, debit, and most secure “tap to pay” options like Google Wallet and Apple Pay. There’s even a “contact us” button on the front, in the event that a patron ever has an issue! Every machine is monitored remotely to ensure stock levels are high; the era of empty coils found in traditional vending machines is over.
Local businesses love the idea of providing employees healthier options in a sophisticated vending machine. Parents equally love the thought of their children not having to settle for sugary, high-fat snacks and highly caffeinated beverages typically sold in schools. Chris Doran, owner of Serious About Fitness gym in Redmond, was excited to be able to offer healthy snacks and beverages, getting him out of the concession business and focusing on his core business-working with his clients on their health and fitness goals.
Rainer Janetzki stated that he was impressed with the healthy vending machines he purchased because they employ sophisticated technology in offering purchases by credit and debit cards, as well as cash. The machines house a virtually silent cooling unit to keep beverages at just the right temperature. Onboard cellular communication technology provides Rainer real-time reports to keep selections available at all times.
Rainer envisioned a future where a selection of national brand recognized, low-fat, low-calorie snacks and beverages would be available in all vending machines. And with this, Naturals NW Vending was born.
If you are interested in having free healthy vending services in your Western Washington business, please visit, email Rainer Janetzki at, or call 425-765-2368.
Photo: Rainer Janetzki (left), and Chris Doran, with a Naturals2Go vending machine inside the Serious About Fitness Gym located in Redmond, WA. Gym clients can now access healthier snacks/beverages pre-post workout.
Photo courtesy Garren Loescher

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