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It's Never Too Late To Start Your Business

Posted by Al Goldsmith - March 21, 2017

Everyone loves a winner.
That’s why we’re constantly bombarded by stories of incredible success. Some stories tell of working from the bottom to the top. Others tell of geniuses with a knack for coding. And still others tell of clever inventions.
Generally, the younger the person involved, the flashier the story.

By contrast, it’s easy to look at yourself and feel like a failure. Your accomplishments can seem like nothing in the face of the stellar success of someone half your age. Worse, it can discourage you from even trying. It can often feel like it’s just “too late” to get something going.
Rest assured, however, because it’s never too late to do something amazing…no matter what your age is.
The below infographic by Funders & Founders displays the ages of successful founders when they started their mega successful businesses. The average age is 35, but there are plenty of success stories that fall much later.

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