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Naturals2Go Healthy Vending Awarded 2015 Business Opportunity of the Year for Unique Home Based Business Opportunity

Posted by Al Goldsmith - November 20, 2015

We. Are. Thrilled.
Today, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share something that we think will further confirm our commitment to a business plan that just plain works. Our more than 400 operators (along with their more than 4,000 healthy vending machines nationwide) have benefited from our award winning program, and the industry continues to recognize us for outstanding performance and service to our customers. The Franchise Brokers Association just awarded Naturals2Go Healthy Vending with its 4th consecutive Business Opportunity of the Year award. Our healthy vending business opportunity has been awarded this honor for each of the last four years!

Read the press release in full below.

Naturals2Go, the healthy vending company that has helped hundreds of people start their own businesses, was recently awarded Business Opportunity of the Year. This will be a record breaking fourth year in a row this Idaho-based company takes home the award. This unprecedented honor was presented at the annual Franchise Brokers Association (FBA) conference held November 9th-11th in Orlando, Florida. This most recent accomplishment reflects the company’s continued rapid growth in popularity as a top competitor in both the healthy vending industry and the business opportunity industry as a whole.

Naturals2Go specializes in helping people launch healthy vending machine businesses in their own hometown. More than 90% of their vending operators have expanded their businesses within the first six months. This remarkable success rate is possible because at Naturals2Go there’s a lot more to success than just healthy vending machines. Naturals2Go uses a proven program perfected by their parent company, Vend Tech International, which has nearly 30 years of experience in the vending industry.

First, Naturals2Go takes every new operator through a 3-day, focused training experience in either their Idaho or Virginia training center. Operators are then paired with an existing successful operator who acts as a ramp-up mentor. The mentors work with their mentees to map out a 3-month game plan. By the end of those 3 months, a vast majority of new operators are up and running, and earning money from their own small business. Additionally, Naturals2Go offers continued support in the form of web-based business management tools, online training, and a complete marketing program. Each new operator is also given access to the Vend Tech Owner’s Club, which gives them large discounts on the company’s 7 lines of vending programs, which include bulk vending machines, energy shot stations, office coffee service machines, and more. This enables each operator to expand their business with either more locations or by replacing other vendors in the break rooms where their healthy vending machines are placed.

“We are humbled to have received this award each of the last four years,” says Randy Francis, the President of Vend Tech International. “We continue putting as much value as possible into the business startup plan and ongoing support that we provide to each of our new business operators, and this recognition reaffirms that we’re doing the right thing.” Additionally sales director Makayla Seger credits a team approach to the public recognition the group received. “ We have a staff of very dedicated professionals that sincerely care about our customers’ success. When helping someone launch a new business, it makes all the difference.”

Naturals2Go Healthy Vending started with a mission to boost small business growth by helping individuals and families start and build their own home based businesses through a proven home based business opportunity program. Since the healthy vending business does not require its own brick-and-mortar location, these operators can start their businesses much more rapidly, without the costs associated with a physical location. Naturals2Go even offers to find suitable locations for new operators to place their vending machines. No doubt it’s this dedication to their operators that has made Naturals2Go the Business Opportunity of the Year, again.

About the Company: Naturals2Go, a division of Vend Tech International, is a healthy vending machine supplier that specializes in assisting new business operators through innovative training and support tools, enabling each operator with the information and materials they need to start and grow a healthy vending business. Naturals2Go has been creating business opportunities for over 5 years and has over 400 owner/operators with more than 4000 machines in the field. In addition, our parent company, Vend Tech International has over 7000 customers and more than 200,000 machines in the field.


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